this is semi-embarrassing but who cares lol here are all of the celebrities that i have major crushes on (+the aesthetic i think matches them for fun)

elliot page (this one's pretty obvious when u read my other articles lol)

ellen page, girl, and pretty image quote, green, and text image aesthetic, green, and drink image gay, juno, and lesbian image ellen page, girl, and pretty image sza and green image
elliot page PLEASE come & ruin my life omg

zayn malik

zaynmalik image Image removed Image by 𝓝 zayn malik and zayn image zaynmalik image black and white, smoke, and cigarette image

victoria pendretti

victoria pedretti image gold, necklace, and jewelry image aesthetic, bed, and beige image Image by marceline victoria pedretti and pretty image aesthetic and beige image


zendaya image architecture, aesthetic, and art image aesthetic, art, and museum image zendaya image zendaya image aesthetic, architecture, and beige image

evan peters

actor, aesthetic, and pietro maximoff image bright, pink, and yellow image aesthetic, botanic garden, and botanical image evan peters and actor image evan peters image art image

ruby rose

ruby rose image alternative, mx au, and aesthetic image Image by meghan ruby rose image Image by ɴᴀɪɪ fashion, black, and grunge image

harry styles

Harry Styles image aesthetic, beauty, and grunge image aesthetic and chanel image Harry Styles image Image by Georgiana_Styles_ Image by Private User

rami malek

rami malek image aesthetic, aesthetics, and house image Image by 𝐀𝐑𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐕𝐄 𝐑𝐏 rami malek, rami, and mr robot image rami malek image aesthetic, candle, and flowers image

david bowie

70s, 1974, and aesthetic image vintage, music, and aesthetic image 70s, people, and pink image alternative, rock, and bowie image alternative, music, and rock image vintage, car, and beach image

cara delevigne

foto, mujer, and photography image burgundy, decorating, and decor image goddess, maroon, and red image Image by Jarbas Jacare Image by Rinos Marinos red, gold, and aesthetic image

margot robbie

margot robbie image yellow image margot robbie image margot robbie image margot robbie image inglourious basterds, quentin tarantino, and film details image

robert sheehan

dog, robert sheehan, and the umbrella academy image city, black, and wallpaper image aesthetic, casual, and image image robert sheehan, misfits, and black and white image robert sheehan and actor image city, black, and light image

jared leto

30stm, 30 seconds to mars, and jared leto image 50s, aesthetic, and art image futurism, futuristic, and retro image 30stm, the north face, and 30 seconds to mars image 30stm, 30 seconds to mars, and jared leto image 50s, 60s, and aesthetic image

kacey musgraves

celebrities, music, and musician image style, aesthetic, and clothes image black, aesthetic, and retro image kacey musgraves image musician, kacey musgraves, and celebrities image aesthetic, man, and cowboy image

calum hood

calum hood, 5sos, and boy image city, buildings, and fujifilm image camera, flickr, and hipster image 5sos and calum hood image calum hood, 5sos, and calum image cloud, hong kong, and film camera image

thank y'all for checking this out!! pls see my other articles if u enjoyed this one :)))