Today I scrolled trough social media, and I saw this girl who asked others what their opening line would be in a book. This other girl commented "I would start with "We are here together till the end"" and once the end came she would write "I guess it's the end now...". And I just stopped scrolling for a minute and thought about it. Maybe that's the power of movies, books, theatre etc... We are there in it together from the start till the end. but it also made me think of how beautiful it was. It was like a mother who let her child go. They had been together but now it was time for the child to live life alone. To do what she want's to do.

That's the beauty of life. We have someone or something that's with us from the start but there comes a time were the end comes, and we will be left alone. We will have to things our way. It's our turn.

And I would really like to read the book of the girl who commented this beautiful comment. I think it will be a very good book.

The beauty of text is how we can express so much with so little. And I think the same about us people. We can be alone and lost, but with the little we have maybe only ourselves. We CAN achieve a good life. To others that life may be living life alone and living life on a beach somewhere. To others it might be becoming a mother or something else. but its the beauty of life. YOU decide what YOU want to do. Do what you want to do and make no apologies for how you live your life. You are writing your own story whilst other write theirs. Dont compare, they are not meant to be the same books. and like everything else. not everyone will enjoy the book. but if you do who cares if others likes it?

love xxx
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