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i like the rest of the planet, am a huge harry styles fan, and i also obviously love books. so in hopes to get to know harry even better, i want to read the books he's read and books he loves. before i start you can literally tell that harry loves the authors Haruki Murakami, Joan Didion and Charles Bukowski, since he's read many of their books.

My Policeman by Bethan Roberts
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as you can see in this picture, harry has the book in his pocket. harry is also confirmed to be in the movie adaptation that starts shooting in april.
Love Is a Mixtape by Rob Sheffield
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harry is seen reading this book here, and also has talked about it in an interview with timothee chalamet and when having to choose one book to read for the rest of his life, he choose this one and norweigan wood. the interview is unreleased but you can find bits and bits of it.
Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami
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Harry loves this book. He told Rolling Stone that Murakami is one of his favorite writers, and described Norwegian Wood as “the first book, maybe ever, where all I wanted to do all day was read this.” He also talked about it in his interview with timothee chalamet.
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami
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harry is seen holding this book in this photo, and it is by one of his favorite authors.
The Course of Love by Alain de Botton
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harry has talked about this in various interviews and videos, he once even wore a hoodie with the authors face on it.
The White Album by Joan Didion
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he has been seen reading this backstage, and has also talked about the author.
Burning In Water Drowning In Flame by Charles Bukowski
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apparently harry loves this
Love is a Dog From Hell by Charles Bukowski
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harry included this in his another man archive.
Notes on Camp by Susan Sontag
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harry apparently read this in preparation for co-hosting the met gala 2019 with lady gaga. which he totally slayed, best met gala ever.
Selected Poems of Rumi by Rumi
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this was also in his another man archive and he was spotted holding it at an airport back in 2015.
You Get So Alone at Times That it Just Makes Sense by Charles Bukowski
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harry was reading this at 1d concert after a fan threw it on stage. and it is by one of his favorite authors
I Wrote This For You by Iain S. Thomas
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harry was holding the book back in like 2015.

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hope you liked this and end up reading any of these, i know i will.
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