Hello friends!
I just finished my re-read of the Six of Crows duology and came up with this wierd concept of a playlist of songs the dregs would sing on a drunk kareoke night and here we are... There are a few ones that remind me of certain scenes or just general vibes, but don't worry I'm organizing it by categories so you know what youre getting yourself into :)

- Vibes and scenes:
Katterdam: Just one yesterday - Fall out boy
The dregs (SoC): Trouble - Valerie Broussard
Our introduction to the dregs (chapter 2 SoC): Young Volcanoes - Fall out boy
Kaz: Demons - Imagine Dragons
The dregs slowly teaching their ways to Waylan and Mathias: Chillin' like a villain - Descendants 2
Van Eck and Kaz negotiating the first heist: The other side - The greatest showman
Planning the first heist: Mission impossible (theme song)
Kaz' promise to jordie: Wolf in sheep's clothing - Set it off
The dregs coming out of the ice court with a freaking tank: The resistance - Skillet
Nina after parem, sensing Kaz' breathing when he sees Inej: Super Bass - Nikki Minaj
Inej's "I'll have you with no armor": Battle scars - Lupe fiasco & Guy Sebastian
End of SoC/Getting Inej back: Bitch better have my money - Rihanna
Kaz' speech on crooked kingdom: Smooth criminal - Michael Jackson
Inej deciding to stay with Kaz: Kings and Queens - Ava Max
The night before the auction heist: The phoenix - Fall out boy
Kuwei's auction: Calling all the monsters - China Anne McClain
Mathias death: Bleeding out - Imagine dragons
The dregs (CK): Legends never die - League of legends

- Kareoke night
Kaz: Royals - Lorde
Wylan (about his dad): Somebody that I used to know - Gotye/ Titanium - Davd Guetta
Nina: Who says? - Selena Gomez
Mathias x Nina: Accidentally in love - Counting crows
Jesper (to Wylan): Angel with a shotgun - The cab
Kaz x Inej: Addicted - Simple plan
Inej (to Kaz): Walking the wire - Imagine dragons
Nina (to Mathias): My life would suck without you - Kelly Clarkson
Mathias (to Nina): Dumb love - Sean Kingston
Wylan x Jesper: Domino - Jessie J
Kaz (to Inej): Paralized - Big Time Rush
Jesper: Can't stop - Miley Cyrus
Inej x Kaz: ET - Katy Perry
The dregs: Inmmortals - Fall out boy/ Just like fire - P¡nk
Kaz (about Pekka Rollins): Better than revenge - Taylor Swift
Kaz (to Rollins and Van Eck): Look what you made me do - Taylor Swift
+Bonus: Pekka (about the dregs): Teenagers - My Chemical Romance

I owe you the YT playlists