this is pretty self explanatory hehe here are my "main character" vibes (aka my aesthetic if i had money)


girl, eye, and makeup image art, details, and fashion image blazer, brown hair, and clothes image Image by ParadiseWorld Image by ~Valia~ hoops, jewelry, and nose ring image eyes, face, and lips image Image by ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. 𝒫𝒶𝓉𝓇𝒾 .:**:.☆*.:。.✿
dark, long hair with curtain bangs, hard/ defined features, hazel eyes, 5'9, lots of random line tattoos, freckles, nose ring


big city, new york, and statue image dog, bed, and girl image aesthetic, retro, and sun image city, aesthetic, and travel image city, aesthetic, and new york image bath, comfy, and lovely image kitchen, home, and aesthetic image city, aesthetic, and view image
new york penthouse overlooking central park


ballerina, costumes, and dancers image ballerinas, ballet, and costumes image


aesthetics, beauty, and city image girl and inspiration image aesthetic, bookstore, and chill image party, girl, and friends image
designer shopping, reading, making pottery, partying


fashion, outfit, and style image bags, beauty, and clothes image fashion, girl, and car image braids, fashion, and green image aesthetic, brown, and fashion image summer, beach, and frankiebstark image

instagram theme

fashion, coat, and elsa hosk image Image by feedearz quotes and theme image life, winter wear, and fashionista fashionable image aesthetic, blue, and car image aesthetic, apartment, and calm image


entertainment, hiphop, and celebrities image Image by sage lol concert, kacey musgraves, and country image ellen page, aidan gallagher, and series image
lizzo, lily rose depp, kacey musgraves, cast of "the umbrella academy"

love interest

actress, style, and vintage image gay, juno, and lesbian image gay, juno, and lesbian image actress, brown hair, and beauty image


pink, car, and vintage image aesthetic, travel, and fashion image


dog, animal, and cute image dog, dogs, and german shepherd image