Either because they didn't have enough time together to build a relationship or tragedy got in the way, these are the best couples that weren't endgame. I will note that most of the couples on this list are teenagers just because of my TV preferences, but there a few on here to prevent me from completely classifying this as a teen list. Also, there are a mix of canon and non-canon ships, so the amount of content I have to work with varies and the perceptions of the possibilities are based on previous interactions and personalities. I'm ranking based on chemistry, how healthy the relationship is, and if it would realistically last. This was really hard to put together, and these couples could probably be rearranged on any given day, but this is how I feel right now. With that being said, let's get into the list.

10. Mikayla Makoola & King Brady- Pair of Kings

Image by Chiko Kamfwa

In case you haven't watched this show, King Brady is on the right, played by Mitchel Musso. The disappointing part of this ship is that it was so close to being canon. Musso was written off of the show after a DUI, resulting in the character leaving Kinkow until he was worthy of Mikayla's love. Arguably, his exit marked the beginning of the show's decline, and one of the things I missed most was Brady and Mikayla's banter. It hurts to know they were likely going to get together had Musso stuck around for another season.

9. Ivy Belfry & Henry Mills- Once Upon a Time

henry mills, ️ouat, and ivy belfrey image

Admittedly, I haven't watched all of Once Upon a Time, nor am I the biggest fan of Henry's character. But these two characters held so much potential and could've upheld the show's tradition of turning fairytale stereotypes on their heads. If we've learned anything from characters like Regina, good and evil aren't necessarily as black-and-white as fairy tales portray them to be. But the final season seemed to regress on this idea. Having the golden boy and a wicked stepsister get together would've stuck with the show's theme. With many fans claiming Ivy carried the final season, it would've given her character additional fulfillment for the hardships she's suffered through.

8. Allison Argent & Scott McCall- Teen Wolf

Image by Ocean 🌊

Why did you have to leave, Crystal Reed? Why? Scott's first love interest, and the only one that I ever truly shipped him with, Allison was perfect for Scott. Loving but tough as nails, this Hunter was the perfect Juliet to Scott's Romeo. But, like those star-crossed lovers, the couple weren't meant to be. Deciding to pursue other roles, Crystal Reed left the show, leading to her character being killed off in the show's third season. Despite Reed's reappearance in Season 5 as Marie-Jeanne Valet and Allison posthumously saving Scott's life, it merely whetted my appetite for their relationship's continuation rather than satisfying it. Personally, I would've rather seen Scott end the series alone over his sudden relationship with Malia, but I don't think any love interest would've matched as well as Allison did.

7. Shawn Hunter & Angela Moore- Boy Meets World

couple and love image

I loved Shawn and Angela's relationship, at times even more than Cory and Topanga's. Both of them had serious issues they had to deal with in order to be together, mainly their mothers leaving them at a young age. Their chemistry was absolutely wonderful to watch, and I almost cried when Shawn didn't propose in order to let Angela leave with her father. I didn't like how their relationship was dumbed down to Angela just leaving in Girl Meets World. They're a little lower on this list mainly because I like Shawn becoming Maya's father, but this couple holds a special place in my heart.

6. Freddie McClair & Effy Stonem- Skins

Effy, couple, and Freddie image

Freddie and Effy deserved better, especially Freddie. Serving as Effy's anchor, Freddie was the loving, thoughtful boyfriend anyone would've killed to have had. His murder in Season 4 was sudden and brutal, and the aftermath hit all of the characters really hard. Being avenged by Cook in Season 7 was a touching and truly heartbreaking moment, but I really missed the chemistry between these two.

5. Kara Souders & Hunter Cole- Red Band Society

death, hunter, and love image

An underrated ship for an underrated show, this couple experienced tragedy, and their not being endgame was both heartbreaking but likely necessary for Kara's character growth. Hunter encouraged Kara to be a better person and attempt to truly live. He dies of liver failure but gives Kara the heart she so desperately needs despite the fact that she was at the bottom of the transplant list. Their relationship was devastatingly beautiful, but Hunter was "fridged," a term used to describe the death of minor characters in order to serve as a motivation for a main character to change. Their interaction in limbo was gorgeous, and I often wonder what could have been for this amazing couple.

4. Kara Zor-El & Mon-El- Supergirl

arrow, karamel, and mon el image

I keep saying it, and it's obviously the point of this list, but it breaks my heart that these two weren't endgame. They were so loving and supportive of each other. Sacrificing their relationship for the sake of the planet, Mon-El left in Season 3 only to return in Season 5 with a wife. It hurt to watch him leave a second time, and I will always consider myself a Karamel shipper.

3. Caroline Forbes & Niklaus Mikaelson- The Vampire Diaries & The Originals

klaus, love, and the vampire diaries image

Originally a one-sided infatuation, Caroline and Klaus grew to have a wonderful bond that led to many fans calling for their romantic pairing. Alas, it was not to be. There was a lot of untapped potential for this relationship. I don't have as much to talk about with this couple. You just have to watch their scenes to fully understand their chemistry.

2. Morgana Pendragon & Merlin- Merlin

colin morgan, merlin, and bbc merlin image

While never headcanon, it's fun to imagine what could have been had this pair actually gotten together. Early on in the series, both were magic users merely trying to discover who they were and use their powers for good. Had Merlin actually confided in Morgana and been a magical guide for her instead of Morgause, it's likely that Morgana doesn't descend into villainy and madness. After all, it's Merlin's murder attempt that pushes her over the edge. There was a lot of untapped potential in this couple that I would've killed to have seen as the series progressed.

1. Riley Matthews & Farkle Minkus- Girl Meets World

gmw, farkle minkus, and rowanblanchard image

I toyed with the idea of putting Maya and Lucas on this list, although much lower down, but I honestly thought Maya deserved better than someone who was that indecisive about their love for her. While I lacked Smackle, Riley and Farkle had amazing chemistry throughout the series, and their scenes were charged with the stuff. A lot of Riley's most mature scenes occur when she's with Farkle, and it just seems like a really easy pairing.