here are some lyrics that I️ would like for tattoos. I️ don't think I'm going to get most of these but I️ think they're so cute:) not just the quotes I'm putting work. Check out the whole song for some ideas.

1. the one that got away
I️ love this song by Katy Perry and I️ think it would be a beautiful piece. Some other quotes I️ really like from this song are: "Be us against the world", "But in another life..."

2. sweet dreams
"Sweet dreams" "beautiful nightmare" "tattoo your name across my heart"

3. say it right -nelly furtado
"You don't mean nothing at all to me" "say it right, say it all" "you could mean everything to me" "know that I️ am alive"
Honestly this whole song is really beautiful and has a lot of ideas if you love this song

4. umbrella -rihanna
"you're part of my entity, here for infinity" (this is a really good matching one with someone else) "When the sun shines, we'll shine together" (again another good matching one) "told you I'll be here forever" , "together we'll mend your heart", "took an oath, I will stick it out to the end"

5. why try -ariana grande
"I'm loving the pain, I️ never wanna live without it"

6. breathin- ariana grande
"keep on breathin" "All I need is to see your face"

7. goodnight n go-ariana grande
I️ think this would be such a cute tattoo honestly

"I'm singing cause it's over" "is that a sunset or sunrise?"

9. American money- BORNS
"Paradise, it's in your eyes" "we soaked our hearts in the rain" there's no time to sleep, living in a dream"

10. homemade dynamite -lorde

11. silence- marshmello
"I'm at one with the silence", "I'd rather be a lover than a fighter", "I️ found peace in your violence"

12. dress- taylor swift
"And if I get burned, at least we were electrified", "There is an indentation in the shape of you", "Made your mark on me, a golden tattoo", "Even in my worst lies, you saw the truth of me" (another good matching one)

13. show me what i'm looking for - carolina liar
"save me, I'm lost"

14. champagne problems -taylor swift
Your heart was glass, I dropped it