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Today I am going to talk about when we feel like we do not have the support needed from our friends, family, and peers. Before I begin, I just want to address that you are not alone. This is especially true when you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. Although this is a faith based article, i encourage everyone to read it!


Lack of Social Support

When I say lack of social support I am talking about the seasons when you may find yourself surrounded by people who love you but you still feel alone.

Story Time
At the start of my freshman year of high school, I found myself coping with my brother moving away to college for the first time. That meant that all of the attention was on me as if I was an only child. This was extremely difficult for me.

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I can remember starting school two weeks later and coming to the realization that my number one friend was never going to be there for me the way I needed her to be. I began to feel hopeless. I felt lonely. I just wanted a friend who would see me. Who would hear me. Someone who I could confide in. And someone to counsel me with proper wisdom. I did not know where of whom to turn to.

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That is when I began praying to God that he would send me somebody. Anybody who could be my friend and point me to Jesus.

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Stay tuned to find out how God responds to me and my actions that follow.

I hope this article has blessed you and that this mini series will address why having a relationship with Jesus is so vital.

Love you guys,