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#1 katniss everdeen~ the hunger games

Jennifer Lawrence and rue image forest, tree, and nature image core, cottage, and fish image Jennifer Lawrence image kat, peter, and Relationship image fog, forest, and background image

#2 belle~ beauty and the beast

Image by •𝙼𝙴𝙶𝙷𝙰𝙽• aesthetic, ball, and chandelier image Image by ♛Queen Svetlan Luar♛ Image by •𝙼𝙴𝙶𝙷𝙰𝙽• Image by •𝙼𝙴𝙶𝙷𝙰𝙽• architecture, czech, and movie image

#3 marcus kane~ the 100

henry ian cusick, the 100, and marcus kane image nature, aesthetic, and green image aesthetic and nature image Image by Romy gif, tv, and kane image dark, natural, and savage image

#4 reginald hargreeves~ the umbrella academy

the umbrella academy, sir reginald hargreeves, and colm feore image memorize quran online, online hifz, and online hifz tutor image desk, vintage, and book image academy, five, and luther image father, reginald, and gentleman image brown, italia, and library image

#5 snape~ harry potter

Image by vaolet666 green, dark academia, and aesthetic image harry potter, tattoo, and slytherin image harry potter, severus snape, and alan rickman image Image by vaolet666 aesthetic, books, and dark academia image

#6 the 12th doctor~ doctor who

doctor who, peter capaldi, and 12th doctor image guitar, b&w, and black & white image academia, b&w, and black and white image doctor who, peter capaldi, and jenna coleman image doctor who, gif, and stars image book, library, and aesthetic image

#7 dr. arden~ ahs: asylum

americanhorrorstory, arden, and arthur image abandoned, dark, and dystopian image abandoned, chairs, and dark image american horror story image james cromwell, american horror story, and lily rabe image clinical, fog, and sci-fi image

#8 clarice starling~ silence of the lambs

film, silence of the lambs, and cinema image 90s, hollywood, and movie image 1991, 90s, and movie image answer, drama, and fbi image film, cinema, and jodie foster image Buffalo Bill, hannibal lecter, and the silence of the lambs image

#9 stefan salvatore~ vampire diaries

Image by itspuchita purple, bats, and dark image aesthetic, eyes, and book image Image by vαmpıre .*・。゚ love, the vampire diaries, and tvd image aesthetic, grunge, and fashion image

#10 ford pines~ gravity falls

gravity falls, stan pines, and ford pines image gravity falls and bill cipher image gravity falls image gravity falls, stanford pines, and ford image bill cipher, ford pines, and funny image gravity falls image

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