Hey WHI fam,
This is the first time when I have ever delayed on a video roundup like this. There was a lot of greatness that took over in February that I almost forgot to keep you posted on the lovely content I made. To see what I did all in February, keep reading.

This first video was a kickoff to Valentine's Day. I wanted to do something different and not the traditional colors that a lot of people would normally do on Valentine's Day.

This next video is a more subtle look that you can wear either on Valentine's Day or as part of your makeup routine.

The final look was a request from Snapchat that I did for my Valentine's Day event. I decided to do the entire makeup tutorial on here.

This article was very quick and short, but I wanted to mainly emphasize on the videos that I created this month. Next month is going to have a lot of amazing content so please be sure to follow me on all of my social media outlets @miss_tayrose. Have a blessed day and stay positive.