𝐀rya stark
hair, hairstyle, and tumblr image aesthetic, athena, and greek mythology image Image by Joanna Image by princess_rozetta
(game of thrones)
𝐁eth harmon
hair, aesthetic, and blonde image Image by Private User chess image Image by tenderly
(the queen's gambit)
𝐂oraline jones
blue hair, aesthetic, and dyed hair image Image by rosiewpies cat and animal image stars, aesthetic, and blue image
𝐃iana barry
vintage, blue, and hair image anne shirley, amybeth mcnulty, and ginger image art, pale, and princess image boho, dreamy, and gifts image
(anne with an e)
𝐄lsa of arendelle
hair, braid, and hairstyle image necklace, once upon a time, and snowflake image hbo, quote, and stark image Image by typical noldo
𝐅iona gallagher
fashion, hair, and aesthetic image button, pins, and buttons image quotes, life, and aesthetic image alternative, black, and cigarette image
𝐆inny weasley
Image by alina harry potter and snitch image bonnie wright, ginny weasley, and pretty image sweater image
(harry potter)
𝐇oney lemon
Image by Private User Image by larksings glasses, white, and vintage image basic, fruit, and citrus image
(big hero 6)
𝐈llyana rasputin
Image by rosiewpies Image by rosiewpies aesthetic, black, and style image sword image
(new mutants)
𝐉ackie burkhart
girl, aesthetic, and hair image bubble, chat, and conversation image aesthetic, glitter, and hair image fashion and style image
(that 70s show)
𝐊ate messner
beautiful, photography, and girl image heart, quotes, and nice image funny, lorelai gilmore, and gilmore girls image aesthetic, goal, and goals image
(everything sucks)
𝐋ara jean
black hair, hairstyle, and longhair image letters, vintage, and Letter image baking, heart, and Cookies image fashion image
(to all the boys i've loved before)
𝐌abel pines
autumn, girl, and shadow image rainbow and sweater image the runways image aesthetic, rainbow, and chalk image
(gravity falls)
𝐍ancy wheeler
hair, aesthetic, and ponytail image gun image word image aesthetic, jacket, and stranger things image
(stranger things)
𝐎livia white
girl, aesthetic, and blonde image cat, art, and white image quotes, story, and write image lemon, fruit, and food image
(lemonade mouth)
𝐏hoebe buffay
blonde hair and hair image life happens and coffee helps image Image by Private User cat and embroidery image
𝐐ueenie goldstein
hair, aesthetic, and blonde image aesthetic and minimalist image ed sheeran, 5h, and 5sos image quotes, words, and inspiration image
(fantastic beasts)
𝐑ey skywalker
force, movie, and rey image tumblr, ye, and klance image aesthetic, star wars, and rey image Image by Private User
(star wars)
𝐒am manson
girl, pale, and black image Inspiring Image on We Heart It purple, eyes, and grunge image Halloween, spooky, and pinterest image
(danny phantom)
𝐓inker bell
boho, grunge, and hipster image brave image fashion, dress, and green image Image by Private User
(tinker bell)
eyes, glitter, and makeup image beach, summer, and sand image rope, sea, and pirate image octopus, animal, and sea image
𝐕iolet markey
beauty, hair, and photography image Image by Private User bike and aesthetic image love, couple, and hands image
(all the bright places)
𝐖anda maximoff
girl, tumblr, and hair image Image by Private User mb image aesthetic, black, and white image
hair, black, and grunge image needle image merula snyde image aesthetic, tree, and jurassic world image
𝐘ennefer of vengerberg
shadowhunters image Image by princess_rozetta nail image fashion, aesthetic, and black image
(the witcher)
black, hair, and black hair image Image by larksings moon, night, and sky image Image by Private User
(young justice)
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