It has been 2 days since I became a 25 years old. After an abnormal 2020, meeting new people, battling my internal doubts and insecurities and losing someone important to covid in january, I started to check my life's priorities. I started to finally realize I am an adult now, and I decided to come up with this little list about things I aim at this important age.

1. Looking after healthy habits
So being healthy wasn't a thing I used to prioritize as a form of well being, unless it was to make me thinner or prettier, nowadays I am considering my health as something which can affect my mind, my body and even my spirit. I want to reduce white sugar from my daily consume, to start going for walks and bike rides, and increasing my veggie and fruits consume. I've been reading researchs about meditation's benefits and I want to practice it on a daily basis.

2. Starting to have my own income's source
I have to be sincere here by saying that I've never really worked for anything in my entire life, I have been financially dependent from my parents for 25 years. I want to gain money aside while I am studying for my major. I have been thinking about gaining money on the internet, but I don't really know how yet.

3. Spending more time on real life
Since a young age, my hobbies were all technology related. I can sometimes spend even more than 10 hours on the internet. I want to spend more time doing things on real life and focus on doing quality things.

4. Being more disciplined
I have a hard time being disciplined, however one of my favorites quotes from aristotle is helping me overcome this difficulty of mine. Discipline is a powerful tool to reach my goals, to win over procrastination. It's something really important.

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5. To know my worth
Have you ever made yourself small for someone? This is something that really bothers me. I already chased people who didn't care about me as much as I cared about them and I've made myself be less important, less magical, less amazing to make them see I am worthy. This is total bullshit - I want to be my number one fan, to cheer me up, and to not give a f about people who don't care. I am worthy.

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