Hi guys!
As promised, here's part 2 of my "If Winx Club was a Kdrama" series!

Park Bogum as Sky

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Bogum exudes the good boy prince vibe.

Ok Taecyeon as Brandon

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A laddies man, hot and he knows it.

Kai as Riven

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I know he's known to be a softie but I can totally see him being a meanie. Imagine this angelic face sending you to hell, it hurts twice as bad, yk what i mean? Yes, I DID put him and Karina as Riven and Musa bcus of that Hyundai commercial :)

Song Jaerim as Helia

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~ The introverted, mysterious, dreamy and romantic boy ~

Park Hyungsik as Timmy

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Honestly they would all be dead without Timmy. Love your nerds people.

Nam Joohyuk as Nabu

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I had SUCH a hard time finding him, it's been DAYS. I might change him later if I find someone better:)

I had to

Korean Drama and kdrama image Korean Drama and kdrama image
Suzy and Bogum at the premiere of Winx Club :')

Hope you liked my casting!

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