This was a hard month understandably, it's the first time I'm going through this and I expected this month to be the hardest.

January was hard emotionally as well as physically. I found out my exams were cancelled which wasn't the best news plus my own personal problems at home, it was emotionally exhausting. I decided to take some time off revising for my mental health which aligned with my diet goals because being on such a strict diet meant that I had no energy for a few days but after the first 4 days, I felt healthier.

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romanticise everything in life <3

Being on this diet, you're naturally in a caloric deficit as you can't consume so much food in an hour. The amount of water you drink increases and I actually begun to enjoy drinking water and I made it more fun by buying a cute cup and scrolling through Pinterest. I thought of it as me-time.

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Within the first two weeks, I lost 2 kg and I consistently dropped as I lost another kilo in the third week but by the 4th week, my weight loss stayed the same and I was beginning to feel weak so I incorporated some hula hooping.

I didn't see much results in terms of physically but I was less bloated and my skin was so clear, I couldn't believe that drinking water helped me that much.

Overall, I lost 3 kg in just a month but it's not all about the numbers as my skin was the clearest it's been in a while, I felt calmer and could concentrate more and I slept for longer too ( not too much hehe).

was very helpful <3

see you in feb xoxo