Home interior designer in Gurgaon
When it involves the inside design of your dream home, and you discover yourself standing in confusion between these and people furniture pieces, the various colors and shades, choose simplicity and you're sure that it wins regardless of what.
We take you on an exquisite tour of a home whose design is predicated on the principle of simplicity in choosing everything from colors, furniture, to furnishings, lighting and floors. Join our tour, and obtain inspired to style your own homes!
An open and bright space
In an open, bright space, the dining and living rooms close, with white dominating the walls, ceiling, and furniture parts, while the rest of the space is clad in tones of brown and beige, keep with the woody look of the ground.
Little simple furniture
Sofa, table and chair. This is often all included within the front room, with simple designs that give that tiny space and ample space, a chic look and a cushy atmosphere for the soul and therefore the eye.
A trip of natural wood
Design the board top from wood that has kept the simplicity of naturalness, without paint or details; just decorate a glass vase with some green branches, to urge its own charm.
Nature's control over the front room
Nature dominated the space of the front room , ranging from the natural light seeping in from the sloping window, and therefore the distinctive plantings inside the wicker palace, which resemble the planning of the chair next thereto , to the wood from which the ground and table ahead of the sofa are designed.
Stylish modern kitchen
The kitchen design isn't only simple, but also smart, modern and stylish, because the two-level cabinets with angles give this structure a singular character, and therefore the space between the 2 levels is decorated with luxurious gray marble. The second a part of the kitchen resembles a little cupboard, with its distinctive curves, and it incorporates modern kitchen appliances, with beautiful metal handles.

Balcony with great view, gray furniture
The balcony features a wonderful green view, which is why the designer took advantage of it to put a wooden table and two large wicker chairs, all of them painted during a gray tone which will withstand dust in order that it doesn't get dirty quickly. Stone details at the top of the porch, and therefore the voids within the wooden railings, simple touches give this balcony a gorgeous charm.

A bed that doesn't need a headboard
White still reins supreme right up to the bedroom, and under the sloping window, an outsized bed is barren of detail, which seems like a ceiling for the bed that not needs a headboard. The clean white and intense natural light fills the space with intense radiance, while the wooden floor takes warmth.
The magic of simplicity
On the wall opposite the bed, the primary of two levels was based, with a design barren of even the thought of design, except that its simplicity, with pots and planters next thereto, made that wall a particular and charming addition to the planning of the space.
Bedroom inside the wall
She took advantage of the angled corner of the wall, as an outlet embrace a foam mattress and soft furnishings, with some small pillows, and upright lights, to finally have a bedroom within the wall!
Simplicity announces victory within the office
Once again, simplicity announces its victory within the design of this wooden office, with the other menus on the edges, and therefore the armchair that's covered with white leather, and therefore the reform the place under the window has been chosen to enjoy the natural light and the charming view, in order that the comfortable and suitable atmosphere for work and study is complete.
Simple, almost empty bathroom
Doesn't the toilet seem empty?! Only the essential units are in small sizes white, and therefore the floor is decorated with ceramic tiles during a medium tone between gray and brown, and half the wall has been decorated with an equivalent tiles, while the opposite half is painted white, in order that the sunshine enters the glass window and increases the visual and real breadth of this easy bathroom.