my winter playlist from dec 2020 to feb 21 :)

plenty songs on it and underrated artists!


good days - sza
better than feeling lonely - olivia o'brien
emily - jeremy zucker, chelsea cutler

cat, cozy, and fashion image car, Houses, and london image
"and in spite of it all, you're still my everything when we're nothing at all"

your life your time - christian leave
cry over boys - alexander 23
chicken tendies - clinton kane

coffee, drink, and aesthetic image Image by O H H O N E Y
"maybe i was crazy to stay so long for someone who wouldn't even let me go"

emotional bruises - madison beer
we're good - dua lipa
drivers license - olivia rodrigo

Image by Merel Ottevaere book, aesthetic, and read image
"we're not meant to be like sleeping and cocaine"
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