1. What Would Your House Look Like?

beach, sea, and summer image house, home, and interior image bedroom image beach house, sunset, and views image deniz image bed, white, and bedroom image

2. Car and Driveway?

jeep image driveway image
Jeep and Cobblestone Driveway

3. Job?

classy, dress, and dress up image fashion writer image microphone image classy fashion image
My dream Is to work in the TV industry

4. Couple Clothing Style?

stylish image dress image fashion, dress, and style image fashion couple image
Dress Up Always When Going Out.

5. Where Would You Live?

summer, palms, and beach image girl, aesthetic, and travel image beach, city, and Miami image view, sunset, and sea image
Somewhere Warm.

6. What would you do during your work day in TV?

camera, film, and journalist image Discovery Channel, ocean, and sharks image conservation, beach, and Discovery Channel image earth, photography, and vacation image
Work with the film crew for Discovery Channel. I would be a TV Host, travel and Investigate stories in different countries. Have my own equestrian travel show and work on Shark Week.

7. What are some international countries you would want to do tv hosting/film in?

Image by Andrea Gabriel pink, map, and wallpaper image travel, flight attendant, and thailand image Image removed
Australia, Brazil, Thailand and France.

8. What's your niche in TV?

Animales and horse image horse and nature image nature, adventure, and beautiful image horse, beach, and animal image
The Equine Industry

9. You have your own podcast?

adventure, broadcast, and equine image adventure, equine, and tv industry image andalusian, cold, and horse image mountain, montana, and nature image
Yes, it's on eight platforms including Spotify called The Outdoor Equestrian Podcast. Go check it out, I interview people in the equine and outdoor industry!

10. What other media companies do you possibly see yourself working for?

cool, hippie, and photography image Image by زهرة الجنة italy, travel, and lifestyle image blue, dolphin, and ocean image
National Geographic, Ride TV Network (an equestrian tv station) and Travel Channel.

11. If you weren't in TV or in the equine industry what would you be doing?

attendant, flight, and sky image luggage, ًًًًًًًًًًًًً, and airport image blogger, chanel, and chanel bag image blogger, chanel, and chanel bag image
A Flight Attendant or In The Fashion Industry.

~ Thank you