obviously had to participate bc i love fictional characters lol hope you can relate to my maladaptive daydreaming list hehehe (these aren't in any particular order)

i also included the aesthetic that i think fits them/ that i associate them with :)

#1 vanya hargreeves~ the umbrella academy

the umbrella academy, vanya, and vanya hargreeves image b&w, black and white, and details image gryffindor, slytherin, and hufflepuff image ellen page, gif, and the white violin image Image by 💫☁🌈 Image removed

#2 stella carlin~ orange is the new black

gif, stella carlin, and ruby rose image aesthetic, hand, and hands image Image removed ruby rose, orange is the new black, and oitnb image oitnb, piper, and rose image shadow, aesthetic, and sun image

#3 steve harrington~ stranger things

gif, steve harrington, and netflix series image ice cream, photography, and 50s image 1997, 90s, and aesthetic image gif, steve harrington, and netflix series image gif, steve harrington, and netflix series image beach, girl, and model image

#4 nellie crain~ the haunting of hill house

gif, eleanor vance, and hill house image Image by Damiana Shou aesthetic, aesthetics, and sunlight image victoria pedretti and nellie crain image gif, eleanor vance, and hotbm image art, dark academia, and aesthetic image

#5 billy hargrove~ stranger things

eleven, mike wheeler, and billy hargrove image cd and walkman image 80s, 90s, and aesthetic image netflix, stranger things, and gif image stranger things, dacre montgomery, and billy hargrove image disco and music image

#6 kai anderson~ american horror story "cult"

anderson, cult, and scary image ahs, american horror story, and ahs cult image ahs cult image evan peters, ahs, and american horror story image evan peters, american horror story, and ahs cult image american horror story and ahs cult image

#7 raven reyes~ the 100

Image by Ocean 🌊 forest, pjo, and halfblood image nature, camping, and lake image the 100 and raven reyes image the 100 image camp, air, and camping image

#8 jamie~ haunting of bly manor

gif, dani and jamie, and victoria pedretti image plants, nature, and green image lesbian, love, and kiss image dani clayton, amelia eve, and gif image 80s, actress, and jamie image aesthetic, green, and green house image

#9 cordelia goode~ american horror story "coven"

american horror story, coven, and ahs image architecture, castle, and fountain image art, aesthetic, and statue image coven, supreme, and sarah paulson image coven, kyle, and supreme image aesthetic, harry potter, and hogwarts image

#10 phoebe buffay~ friends

1998, 90s, and actress image aesthetic, vintage, and alternative image jupiter, planet, and aesthetic image Image by itspuchita phoebe buffay, reaction, and friends image art, beautiful, and planets image

i hope y'all liked this pls go check out my other articles & have a great day bby <3