Hi lovelies! Happy Friday! I hope you are well.

Spreading Encouragement

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Ask yourself:

When was the last time someone asked you how your day was?
When was the last time someone asked you how are you?
When was the last time someone encouraged you to do something?

As Christians, we are called to love one another. A big part of loving each other is being kind.

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We may go through seasons where we do not feel loved, seen, or encouraged by others. But what if that is because in these moments, God wants to use you to change a soul's life.

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I encourage you to think of three people who need encouragement right now. Then think about what you can say and how. Try for one week to spread some encouragement.


1. A text
2. A letter
3. A phone call
4. In person conversation
5. Leave a note on the subway
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Once you start, you will begin to notice the impact you and your life have on others.

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Remember, God calls us to be the light of this world. Together, let's spread the love of God to those in need and make this world shine brighter! 🌎💡

God bless,

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