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Well hello hearters! I'm @thisismesolar writing again for The Art Club. This article is definitely going to be shorter, and more of a rant, this because of me having a really really important math exam and you know I'm a study addict.

Anyways, aside from that I hope you can enjoy this article and maybe start implying art as a coping mechanism when you're mad or sad.

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Warning: I talk about religious trauma, mainly coming from my family and their church, in no way I'm trying to be in bad terms with the sacred part of it, I'm just criticizing how some parents force their religion into their kids and traumatize them.

Personal Experience

If you have read my articles you probably know I suffer from really bad anxiety, ADHD, anger issues, etc which doesn't affect me anymore because I learned to control it through art.

Before, when I was mad I started shaking and crying of frustration because you know, sometimes you truly want to punch someone but both morality and self control says no and that's really frustrating, so instead of breaking someone's nose I broke my things which was absolutely terrible and kinda crazy.

Because of this, of course my parents were worried because a 11 y/o shouldn't get so... yes you know. So 3 years ago I started therapy and everything became better.

One of the things my therapist told me is basically when feeling mad or having a really strong feeling instead of wanting to break everything, you should try to use this feelings for something else and I chose 3 of the seven arts: Literature, music and painting.

Painting as a Therapy

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Look, when I tell you I make my best paintings when I'm mad... You know why? I'm not even worrying about the details here, or the stroke there, I'm just trying to calm myself down so I splash my trauma into canvas and get angsty.

Some examples? On Christmas I was furious. I had to pass with my extremely emotional abusive family that is also kinda really toxic when it comes to religion so I got so frustrated. To add to this I had to do a last minute painting for my mother and let me tell you, oh boy I was stressed.

I grabbed some canvas and painted a Cathedral, on fire, with the hellfire lyrics behind and some puppet thingys. Did I got beat up by my whole family? Yes, completely. But it was worthy.

Another example would be me being frustrated because of other things regarding school and drawing a painting with a fire in a rose garden. And even though they are not the best skilled paintings, they show a story and they are me, which I think it's really important.

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The Creative Part Behind of It

When we are feeling a really strong emotion our brain stops thinking. We probably are not going to grab our PC and look for a reference; instead we are going to do what we want to do.

And that makes everything x times better!

I already said it before, it makes it more you. And I'm not saying that using a reference makes it less creative or less yours, no. Instead I'm saying it makes the painting more personal and more like a small part of your soul.

The Positive Side

I thing in a summary it would be that is a healthy mechanism. I personally am an expert on bad coping mechanisms such as keeping everything to myself or just as I said before, destroying things. But a painting is something so beautiful that can't really hurt yourself or someone else.

Using art as therapy is similar to journaling but with images, and patience, because painting sure teaches that.

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That was it. I hope you liked it, and now i got to go and study.

As always thanks for reading and hope you'll read my next article.

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