Gordie, Chris, Teddy and Vern: a playlist

Gordie Lachance:

alternative, clothes, and cool image alternative, calmness, and cozy image 1990s, 90s, and drink image comics and store image
infp ; 4w5 ; neutral good ; melancholic

summertime sadness - lana del rey

owner of a lonely heart - yes

good old-fashioned loverboy - queen

mr Lee - the bobbettes

the love club - lorde

Chris Chambers:

grunge, shoes, and alternative image jeans, aesthetic, and theme image quotes, grunge, and sad image boy, forest, and guy image

infj ; 9w8 ; chaotic good ; phlegmatic-choleric

bad reputation - joan jett

we're a happy family - ramones

chamber of reflection - mac demarco

thirteen - big star

the promise - when in rome

Teddy Duchamp:

house, aesthetic, and light image shirt, aesthetic, and green image hands, nature, and slytherin image friends, quotes, and gang image
estp ; 7w8 ; chaotic good ; choleric-melancholic

everybody wants to rule the world - tears for fears

little dark age - mgmt

born to be wild - steppenwolf

fluorescent adolescent - arctic monkeys

young&dumb - cigarettes after sex

Vern Tessio:

theme, aesthetic, and indie image water, photography, and boy image style, aesthetic, and jeans image california, stand by me, and usa image
esfj ; 6w7 ; lawful good

sugar baby love - the rubettes

summer in the city - the lovin' spoonful

wouldn't it be nice - the beach boys

lollipop - the chordettes

tutti frutti - little richard