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Yesterday after school, I was reading this article about the gyaru subculture.

Props to @tsundereputa666 for writing this article~

So, as a follow-up, I will be teaching you gyarugo (ギャル語). Gyarugo is a word literally meaning 'gyaru-lingo'. It's especially useful for Japanese messaging. Although the gyaru subculture is pretty much dead, these articles will attempt to revive the trend. Anyways, let's get to the point.

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1. ぽよ - poyo: this term is a suffix just to sound cute.
2. あげぽよ - agepoyo: 'あげ' (age) means to raise; this is a slang word used to bring excitement
3. さげぽよ - sagepoyo: 'さげ' (sage) is a transliteration of the word 'sad'
4. しょげぽよ - shogepoyo: a slang word that is used when bored
5. らぶぽよ - rabupoyo: the term 'ラブ' (rabu) in Japanese is a transliteration of 'love', so this term is used when you are in love
6. やばぽよ - yabapoyo: coming from the Japanese term, 'やばい' (yabai, meaning bad), this term is used when you take risks or become mischievous
7. ひまぽよ - himapoyo: coming from the Japanese term '暇' (hima), meaning absolutely nothing but free time

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1. かみってる - kamitteru: godly
2. とりま - torima: anyways—
3. ぱちこく - pachikoku: lies
4. ぱギャル - pagal/pagyaru: not gyaru
5. うけぴい - ukepii: funny, humourous
6. 烏龍茶 - oolong cha: long hair, brown hair, used to describe someone annoying
7. あとんす - atonsu: thank you

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1. つぶやく- tsubukayu: murmur (on Twitter, it means to tweet)
2. なう - nao: from the transliteration of 'now'
3. フォローする - forosuru: transliteration of 'follow'
4. リツイートする - riituiito suru: (only used for Twitter) to retweet
5. フォローがえし - forou gaeshi: follow back
6. 笑 - warai: LOL, LMAO (wwww is also used for this term)

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Before I end this article, I just want to let you all know that anyone can be a gyaru. It doesn't have to be Asians or light-skinned people. Any color, any race, and any gender can join in the subculture and have fun! It's nice to revive the gyaru trend, and I really appreciate it.

But for now, check out my other articles, will ya?