watching kdramas has become my only personality trait this lockdown. i've been watching kdramas in general for almost 6 years now, trust me i've seen some amazing ones and some really horrible ones. but behold, here are dramas you must watch.

(these are based on my preference ofc)


kdrama, lee sung kyung, and kim bok joo image amor, crush, and frases image pics, kdrama, and nam joo hyuk image Korean Drama, romance, and korean couple image

my number one comfort show. their chemistry is unmatched & the show itself just makes you happy. watch at your own risk, they will make you feel single in every possible way.


drama, vagabond, and kdrama image drama, vagabond, and kdrama image gif, lee seung gi, and vagabond image kdrama, go hae ri, and drama image

so the death of a stuntman's nephew causes him to go and look for the murderer, while uncovering a national corruption scandal. oh and bae suzy is the female lead.. what r u still doing here GO WATCH IT!


kim dong hee and extracurricular image aesthetic, books, and captions image alone, gif, and korean image korean, subtitles, and kdrama image

who doesn't wanna watch a show about a star student who runs his dangerously illegal sex trafficking business just to afford college?


drama, Korean Drama, and kdrama image drama, Korean Drama, and kdrama image hyun bin, kdrama, and son ye jin image gif, romance, and lové image

err a south korean heiress crash lands in North Korea? and an army officer decides to help her hide/escape? while falling in love? (and both leads r dating irl)


penthouse, scene, and stills image korean, subtitles, and kdrama image stills, war in life, and subtitles image korean, subtitles, and kdrama image

penthouse tells the story of wealthy families living in Hera Palace and their children at Cheong-ah Arts School. when min seol-a crashes to her death at hera palace after being harrassed and targeted by these families, her mother and adoptive brother seek revenge on the residents.


korean, Korean Drama, and kdrama image aesthetic, boyxgirl, and extraordinary you image couple, gif, and haru image kpop, actor, and korean image

basically eun danoh is just a side character in this made-up world. she becomes aware of herself and the fact that she's a character and decides to change her fate with another extra character.

these r just a couple, i had to force myself to stop listing...

THANK YOU FOR READING, im currently watching season 2 of penthouse along with vincenzo, sweet home and its okay not to be okay. pls recommend me some more <3