I Deserve This
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maybe i don't love myself enough
to choose you because i know
you are what i deserve

and maybe i don't love myself enough
to believe that you could want me
because i don't think anyone does

but when my flatmate smiles and winks
when my mother tells me that
if i like him, it doesn't matter what she thinks

when my best friend,
thousands of miles across the sea
tells me that i deserve someone
who will watch the whole movie

when i see something in their eyes
that almost looks like pride
i start to realize

that maybe
just maybe
you are as good as i think
and maybe
this time
you’re more than a wish wrapped in ink

maybe i do deserve to be loved
by a man who won't disappear for months on end
who'll be there when i wake in the morning
who admits what we're doing makes us much more than friends

who doesn't make me an obligation
promising kisses that i've never felt
who will tell me he loves me if he does
'cause it's not a promise he's made to somebody else

maybe i deserve a hoodie
a flower
a stolen bite off your plate

maybe i deserve sunsets
and warm hugs
and coffee dates

i deserve it
i think this time i do
maybe i deserve to fall in love
with someone like you

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I wrote this when I thought you would be different. Turns out I was wrong.
Shea Kisielevski
Shea Kisielevski
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