we all have our lows, we all have flaws we wish nobody would see, so we work hard everyday against our desires and dreams, to hide or fixe these flaws, almost like we're slaves with no free will.
so just imagine this is your last day, and notice the trivial things you care about everyday, imagine you didn't have to do anything you don't like.
imagine that you're in a dream world with infinite possibilities, and you're writing your story by living one day at a time.
when you wake up in the morning, think of what excites you the most, take even 5 minites to write down what you dream about, and forget about everything you hate or makes you sad.

i wish my day is better than sleep, and not the opposite.
i wish i love myself no matter what.
i wish i accept the negative noise in my head.
i wish i spend time in nature alone.
i wish i have friends to whom i can confess my darkest secrets.
i wish i can travel.
i wish i can learn more and benefit the world.
i wish i can wear what i want without fear.
i wish can play games and have fun everyday.
i wish i have a healthy body.
i wish i can cry and be a safe place for myself.

'if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.'