Hey guys I am writing this article to help anyone who is going to be attending college next fall and needs some advice on what to expect when going to college.

1. Make sure you make friends with your roommate or people who live in your hall if you are staying in a dorm, because those are most likely the people you will hang out/ eat with.
2. Be nice to your RA! For those who don't know what a RA is it is basically a student who lives on your hall who is there to make sure you have resources and everything thing you need to be successful during each school year.They are there to help you with anything you need. BUT they also make sure that you are following housing rules and making sure you stay out of trouble.
3.College is not like high school, professors will not reach out to you if you are snuggling so if you ever fill like you need help make sure you email them about any problem you have for the class.
4. Find a way to balance a social life and classes. If you can go out on a Tuesday night and still wake up for an 8am the next day go for it but make sure you can handle doing both.
5.Make memories! Celebrate being young and having fun while also getting an education. And don't be scared to branch out and meet new and different people because you can be whoever you want to be, so make sure you pick the person you want to be in life.