Curly hair is so much more difficult to take care of than straight or wavy hair. It is also so hard to find nice and different ways to styled it. Here are some easy ideas for you to try on your curly hair!

Free hair

We are going to start from the easiest to the hardest. Nothing beats a wild curly hair when styling. All types of curly hair are different (long, short, dark, light, wild, thick, thin) so every girl with its free curls looks different and has different way to treat it.

However, some tips to have a good looking free hair would be to use mousse at least half hour before going out, because when you apply it it always tend to be really wet and you have to let it dry. You can try making your line in the middle like the pictures bellow or you can make it at a side. The best advice would be for you to sit in front of the mirror one day and take your time to see which one is better for your type of hair. Remember that the best cuts for curly hair are the ones with layers. Ask a curl specialist for more details!

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Whether is long or short, curly ponytails are the most cute thing ever! Brush the hair in front and se gel to keep it compact and free of "whales". You can style your baby hairs if you have!

You can also keep a lock of hair apart to wrap the band with which you tied your hair.

Image by Aaaurélie S. Image by Aaaurélie S.

hairstyles with bandanas

Bandanas, handkerchief, or however you call it! See it in the pics bellow so you know what am I talking about. Buy a cute one and style it in different ways!

You can use it as the first picture, classic and simple, or you can roll it and use it as a diadem. This look can be with or without the two curls bang style. You can also make a ponytail and use the bandana as well. I love all the ways it is styled.

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Flat side

Saw this hair style and found it so pretty! Use gel and bobby pins to make this happen. Remember to treat well your curls so they look great as well as the style. You can shape your baby hairs with a tooth brush, or at least that is what I was told to do. Try to look for a gentle gel appropriate for your curly hair.

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Messy buns

So cute! I am still figuring out how to make the bun look curly. My suspicion is that the bun is not rolled and tied, it is tied with the curly ends in the front. The detail that makes this messy buns so cute are the two curls in the front. Take care of them!

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Clean buns

Oh, precious as well. More elegant though. To make this buns clean and elegant, remember to use gel and brush well your hair so it gets compacted and no "whales" come out. Style your baby hairs and make sure the bun is tights and won't fall, even at a rock concert.

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Half ponytail

Literally what I wear almost every day. I love how it looks good with any type of curly hair and any length. Use gel to avoid the "whales" and rock it!

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two half buns

I love this! I usually do one half bun, but will definitely will try two half buns next time. You can use them messy (wit the two curls on front) or clean (using gel to keep those buns firm and still).

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Half braid

Parenthesis, sorry if my descriptions are not going well. I don't know how to call these kinds of ponytails. Hair ties? However, I hope you know what I mean. If you know how to make a French braid, this is pretty easy. Just do half of it and let the curls explode at the end. If you do not know how o make a French braid, my recommendation is to look for you tube tutorials and practice until you get there. Use gel to make it a clean hairstyle.

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small braids

Personally, braids are my favorites, but so hard to make! The best advice would be to look for you tube tutorials on how to make small French braids and PRACTICE.

While you dominate the French braids, you can do normal small braids and hold them with a nice accessory. Bellow are some ideas on how to style them!

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Thanks for reading! I know this is not the best way to describe curly hair style ideas, but I thought it may be a good idea to share what I was looking up to lately. I need more styles! Now I am going to try them all.

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