these are a few fashion trends/ vibes that i'm looking forward to this upcoming spring :))

patented chelsea boots

street style, everyday look, and summer inspo image chic, classy, and glam image


fashion, girl, and style image girl, hair, and fashion image


aesthetic, dior, and fashion image fashion, girl, and lilac image

short sleeve button ups

green, aesthetic, and ed image aesthetic, beauty, and fashion image

lingerie tops

fashion, style, and white image fashion, beautiful, and girl image


Image by ✰ tt: @lovelychaos fashion, girl, and car image

pastel bikinis

abs, aesthetic, and goals image beach, bikini, and girl image

flowy/ maxi skirts

dress, fashion, and style image dress, fashion, and girl image

platform shoes

beige, blue, and boots image Image by Heliophilia


fashion, outfit, and style image amazing, blogger, and blonde image

bubble braids

hair image hair, fashion, and girl image

cow print

fashion, boots, and dress image black heels, street style, and everyday look image

big scrunchies

hairstyle, hair bun, and hair scarf image accessories, hair, and hairstyle image


aesthetic, artistic, and jeans image sandals, style, and teva image


fashion, pearls, and jewelry image Image by Elandiel