how xoxo members would dress off-duty


abs, asian, and belly image fashion, korean, and sakura image archive, Balenciaga, and close up image body, clothes, and details image kpop, mamamoo, and hwasa image clothes, outfit, and red velvet image red velvet, joy, and park sooyoung image asian, girls, and korean image
simple, stylish


body, details, and gg image blue, body, and details image details, fashion, and preview image jennie, blackpink, and aesthetic image fashion, korean, and k-pop style image black, idol, and k-pop image
casual feminine


details, fashion, and goth image kpop, preview, and twice image details, twice, and sana image twice, chaeyoung, and aesthetic image bp, details, and korea image details, tiny, and cute image rose, details, and blackpink image black, idol, and k-pop image
comfy, oversized, cute, lots of grey


details, gg, and tiny image details, momo, and preview image fashion, k-pop style, and idol image twice, mina, and lq image details, choerry, and loona image fashion, korean, and sakura image kpop, twice, and lq image momo, twice, and lq image
90s, streetstyle

ty for reading :)