I already made a post titled "If I Were In Umbrella Academy" and this one is pretty similar but I thought of a new Hargreeves sibling that isn't based on me. So here's the story of Olivia.

Name: Olivia Hargreeves; Number 8
Birthday: October 1, 1989
Sign: Libra
Pronouns: She/Her


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brown curly hair, brown eyes, strong jawline but soft & feminine features


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long skirts, bohemian patterns, flowy pants and jumpers, never shops first hand except when supporting small/ local artists

Aesthetic/ Vibe

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very hippie & mystic, lover of the 60's & 70's, keeps her hair long & unruly, stevie nicks fan


Olivia was born with maybe the most manipulative power of her siblings. She could control the minds of anyone she wanted with only her thoughts. No speaking or movements necessary. Whatever she was thinking would then become what they were thinking, felt, and did. On her last mission at age 11 her father instructed her to force a man to take his own life. Olivia was never the same again and saw herself as a monster. She vowed to never use her powers again and instead put her talents into connecting with the universe. Her new "powers" became tarot reading, spells, crystals, herbs like sage, natural potions, and psychic interference.

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Olivia's Story

Growing up, Olivia pretty much didn't get along with any of her siblings. She thought Diego was too aggressive, Vanya was too pouty, Klaus was too childish and Five was too cocky & straightforward. She would occasionally hang out with Ben but felt that his powers were scary & too destructive. She really never spoke to Luther and Allison because they always seemed to leave her out & think she was weird. Olivia became the only Hargreeves sibling to make friends outside of the academy. She would sneak out to talk to anyone that came within a ten-foot radius of her. That's just how she was- friendly, gentle, and brave.

Reginald Hargreeves was not a father to her but rather a dictator. Although she seemed to be the one he was most interested in training, she was by no means his favorite. He was perhaps the harshest to her. He worked Olivia day & night, not because she couldn't accomplish what he was asking- but because she refused to harm others & do anything that she felt was "selfish."

Olivia never liked having powers. She refused to use them outside of training and missions- she didn't want people to like her only because she made them & she didn't find any joy in getting things handed to her that she didn't earn. Due to this & her lack of a relationship with her siblings, Olivia packed her bags at 11 years old and ran away. She never stopped running. She made many friends who gave her floors to sleep on, food, water, and anything else she wanted because she was always sure to give them something in return. She worked endlessly on her new craft & giving herself to the universe- she felt that she needed to give back for all the pain she caused while in the academy.

As she got older, Olivia began to hitch hike & travel Canada and eventually the US. She wanted to be as far away from the Umbrella Academy and the past as she could. She later went on to open her own, very small, psychic studio in Las Vegas where she expected to live the rest of her days.

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When the Umbrella Academy Unites

Olivia didn't know of Ben's passing or Five's disappearance due to her leaving two years prior. She walked around thinking that her family was all still together in the Umbrella Academy, talking bad about her daily & going on missions. She found out about her father's passing from a sudden news broadcast on a tiny TV in her dentist's office. She was shocked. Suddenly all of the horrible memories from her past came flooding back. She didn't go to her father's service or even come home until a week later when she was reminded of how hard the news must've been on her mother. Their mom was the only one who ever made Olivia feel loved & she could not bear the thought of her in pain.

When she opened the front door of the academy she was stunned by how preserved everything was. She felt she had stepped back in time to being that scared 11 year old girl. As she walked in, Olivia wasn't surprised to hear her siblings speaking loudly in the main room, she had assumed that they'd all been living there for the last 30 years. She wasn't scared to face her siblings again, she felt pity for them because she thought they had never experienced the real world & spent their days hurting and hating others. She was confused when she entered the doorway & saw the very large painting of young Five on the wall. When Olivia entered the room her siblings became very quiet; decades had passed but they all would be able to recognize that scraggly brown hair & intense, dark eyes anywhere. You could hear a pin drop before Olivia cut the silence with a blunt "where's Mom?" that was the only thing she cared about & the only reason she was there.

Klaus was the one to tell her everything. Quickly & very blunt he caught her up on Ben's death, Five's disappearance & later reappearance, their father, Grace's passing, and the upcoming apocalypse. Olivia was overwhelmed & unexpectedly just began to laugh. She turned around to leave before Five stopped her, she didn't want anything to do with their drama & was especially not about to use her powers again for the first time in almost 20 years. Five was certainly not going to let one of their greatest advantages over Hazel, Cha Cha, and the end of the world leave so soon. She found herself once again wrapped up in the whirlwind that was the Umbrella Academy.

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The 60's

When the siblings were dropped separately in the 60's Olivia found herself in March of 1961- right as talk of the Vietnam war had begun. After a few months of hitch hiking around Dallas and searching for her siblings Olivia found her crowd, the loving, easy-going, and peace seeking "hippies" of the 60's. She finally felt accepted. She had lived her entire life looking for people who had her same views on violence, peace, human rights, and life. During her time with them she had many friends & partners, soon forgetting about her siblings completely. She met up with her first sibling when she joined a group that were on a road trip to meet a new & powerful guru on the scene. Upon first glance she knew that her brother Klaus was the brightly dressed & bearded man among the crowd of his followers. He took her to Vanya & Allison, who he had found a few days prior. The four of them surprisingly grew close as they waited to find the others- becoming the only sense of familiarity each other had.

Olivia realized that her siblings were just as hurt & traumatized as her other siblings- their father had not only ruined her life. Luther, Allison, Diego, Vanya, Ben, Five, and Klaus could not be blamed for her outcome. She also found herself becoming less ashamed of her powers- she was the one in charge of how to use them, Reginald Hargreeves could not force her to use them for violence any longer. She even found herself connecting and reconciling with Five, the sibling she thought she had the least in common with soon became the one she could confide in & trust the most.

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