corpse bride is a m a s t e r p i e c e and one of my fav tim burton films! so i thought- hmm it would be pretty fun to try and find actors who resemble the characters and "cast" them..sooo thats what im gonna do :>
aesthetic, corpse bride, and film image bill skarsgรฅrd, boy, and blood image icon and bill skarsgรฅrd image handsome, ๐Ÿ˜, and swedish image
bill skarsgard as victor van dort (aka perfect) (totally not whipped for bill :/)
tim burton, corpse bride, and emily image Angelina Jolie and beauty image Angelina Jolie, beauty, and woman image Angelina Jolie and beautiful image

angelina jolie as emily

corpse bride, emily watson, and film image Image by Smoky Quartz & Vanilla Chai lily collins, fashion, and beauty image lily collins image
lily collins as victoria
and i couldnt really find actors for the rest of them but yeah OIUHYGT (probs jay leno as barkis but idkkk)
imagine how great angelina would be as emily- i- and bill omgihuygtf AGHHH i need this asap :<
anyways have a great day bubs!
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also ik some people may not like this casting but- i tried LMAO :<