I have a lot of friends, you probably already know. So I wanna share a few tips and tricks on how to make friends and be a good one. Share these tips and tricks with your own friends, because sharing is sure caring.

1. Act like yourself

This might seen easy, so do it! Not a lot of peoples act normally around their friends. Why do they do that? Because they just want to seen friendly and seen kind and cool. But that isn’t why they choose you to be their friend. They will like you just the way you are, duh! So be yourself around other peoples and the ones that like you just the way you are, they will be happy to tell you everything.

2. Don’t be TOO independent

If you don’t ask your friends anything at all, the would think you don’t like them or don’t need them, and you don’t want them to feel that way, right? And also don’t ask them too much things. If you ask them TOO much questions, they’ll think your annoying and maybe even stupid. Would you want them to think of you like that? No, of course.

3. Be kind and smile

Would you like your friend to frown to you? If no is your answer, then don’t frown to them too! Smile when you can. And now kindness...being kind is easy, when your kind to someone, they feel good and you feel good too! And I know that there’s kindness in all of you, ALL OF US! So unlock the lock thats locking your kindness inside you and share it around!

4. Support each other

Try supporting your friends when something sad, hard, or scary is gonna happen. Like, say that my friend has to get braces. Scary right? No? Well to them it might be. So what should I say?
A : Just stop being scared already
B : Dont worry! Me and Alina will stay with you as much as we can!

What do you think?