Name: Zara Stilinski
Nicknames: Hey Ra-, Stars, Zaree (Only Stiles)
Age (as of season 7): 17
Birthday: 07 June 1996 ♊
Species: Human Witch
First appearance: Season 4 Episode 2 "117"

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Zara is Stiles's younger sister. She lives with their grandma in London for 5 years, when their grandma move out. Stiles stay behind in beacon hills with their dad.

In Season 4 Episode 2 "117" of Teen Wolf, Zara comes back to Beacon hills after their grandma's death; she started living with her dad and brother also attending school at Beacon Hills high school.

She loves watching mystery drama, going to crazy places at night and lying to her dad just like her big brother, oh, and helping him on his cases. Although their dad is not very fond of his kids meddling into the dangerous business of beacon hills.


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Ability (On her 16th birthday)

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Sheriff Noah and Stiles Stilinski. Her mom passed away long ago.


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She's not that close with the main Mccall pack (except for her brother) as she just joined in season 4, she is the most close with the "Liam gang" as they are all the same age. She usually stick around with her brother and Mccall pack when there is trouble but at school, it's Liam, Hayden, Mason and Corey .

Love Interest Timeline

Ex Boyfriend

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After Allison's death and the defeat of the Nogitsune, Isaac left Beacon Hills to London. Zara and Isaac started dating for about two months before calling it quits.

Current Boyfriend

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Their story

Nolan is shaken up from the wolf showing up at lacrosse practice. Nolan later tests out his theory about supernatural creatures by stabbing Corey in the hand with a pen. At that time, Zara who was nearby saw it and tried to cover up everyone's attention by creating an earthquake. Corey was save and Nolan's plan failed.

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Nolan and Gabe make several attempts at exposing Liam Dunbar as a werewolf at school. They beat him senseless in front of classmates. Zara rush into the classroom upon hearing the fight and help Liam to the hospital, before that she give Nolan a warning glare.

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Nolan joins Melissa, Theo, Liam, Zara, Mason, and Corey in defending the hospital against the hunters. While working together, Nolan and Zara put their difference aside and they see each other in a whole new light when Nolan taking a hit of a bow through his stomach for Zara. He nearly died but got revived by scott's bite with Zara's plead. He is now a beta werewolf.

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Throughout the season, Romance started to blossom between him and Zara. Nolan now has werewolf blood in him, but still feels shy whenever Zara was around and just flashes a small smile nervously. He then decided to gather his courage and ask her out on her birthday.

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As a boyfriend, he is protective of her and he's more confident at field, always wanting to impress the girl he love.

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