n 2004, a commercial debut was made by the name of Fate/Stay Night. The context of this series is computer games based on visual novels.

The characters in the background also appear on the screen. Background music, sound effects, and editing is the most important thing in this series. There are various novels that allow you to make different content games. It all relies upon the player’s choice of what he wants in a game. It consists of 3 different routes. A fantasy world is coming right at you! watch at https://animewatchorder.net/fate-series-order/

One Fate Route is totally dependent upon Saber which was adapted in 2006. The other is The Unlimited Blade Works Route which revolves around Rin Tohsaka and was formed in 2010. The third one is The Heaven’s Feel Route emphasizes Sakura Matou and was first aired in 2017.