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I. What is the title of your book?
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(- Another love by Tom odelll) Ill love you again will be the title since its a sad love song that will be the genre
II. What is the plot?
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(- drivers licence by olivia rodrigo) the story is about a young girl who falls in love but the other guy falls in love with somone else and she has to learn to cope with that
III. Who's the main character? What are they like?
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(- impossible by james Arthur) The main character is a girl call Olivia who even though the love of her life loves someone else has to learn how to cope and not give up hope
IV. Who's the sidekick?
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(- bubblegum b*tch marina and the diadmonds) Marina is Olivias best friend she is very confident and always knows how to win and hurt people if she needs to
VI. Who's the love interest?
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(- how to be a heart breaker by marina and the diadmonds) Joshua is the love intrest who breaks olivias heart by dating a other girl.
VII. Where does the story take place?
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(- take a hint by victorious cast) It takes place in a school were girls are mistreated
VIII. What is the ending?
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(- radio active by imagine dragons) At the end of the story there is a necular bomb incedint and it forms a war but olivia and Marina win
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