When we think of BTS and the word "love," perhaps the first that comes to your mind (or maybe not, I'm only assuming) are songs such as "Fake Love" and "Boy with luv," not to mention "Epiphany" and "Trivia: Love." These are just a few of the many songs in which the subject of love is incorporated or connected (in one way or another).

Before talking about the view on love that this band itself holds with its extensive discography, I should first make an introduction, or rather, a brief overview of the meaning of what love actually stands for. I will try not to make this more extensive than necessary, and yes, I tend to be a bit philosophical, I'm just that extra.

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Defining the word love is easy, but at the same time complicated. It is easy in the sense that you can pick up a dictionary and look up that word; on the one hand, we have a concrete definition of what love is an attraction in either an affectionate, romantic or sexual manner, directly or indirectly impacted by the connection you have with other people, the environment that surrounds you or even the pleasures found in the simplest of things like food, a hot shower or simply sleeping.
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On the other hand, love can also be categorized in different ways, and this is clear because we know that the love of a romantic and/or a sexual relationship is not the same as the love between a group of friends, nor is the love of parents for their children the same as the love between siblings. All these examples have something that connects them: the so-called love, but that love varies and is never the same, even if we talk about the love of parents for their children or that between siblings, not all families undergo the same kind of love, each family is also a whole world, and in each of these worlds feelings are expressed with words and actions in such a way that for some it can result in a combo of positive energies, but for others, it is the opposite. Do you get it? It is simple, but complicated at the same time.

That said, we can get back to what concerns us: love in its different shapes and forms from a point of view set in BTS's discography. But wait, as I already mentioned, I'm a bit extra and dramatic, and therefore I'm adding a Greek philosophical point of view to all of this. Why? Because I'm a drama queen, and because I enjoy literature and culture as a whole.

There is something that has always fascinated me about ancient Greece and its people, and that is the way they knew how to organize their thoughts very well; they were clever, philosophical creatures of life, in which many of their beliefs and practices remain to this day and have contributed to our current society.

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As they were well organized, they also defined different types of keywords to classify love. Here I want to clarify that I may fail to give complete or accurate information on this subject, as I'm not actually an expert on the matter, but never mind, you'll forgive me because the main focus is BTS (nervous laughter.) In short, there are several Greek words that describe different types of love, I'm just going to mention the ones I think are necessary. And yes, I'm going to connect them with some of the songs of these 7 South Korean guys to finally make a mix of everything together; I must emphasize that I will give my point of view at every moment, nothing of what you will read are facts or confirmed arguments.

There are these sorts of love classified according to the philosophy of ancient Greece:

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1. ÉROS (sexual passion, romantic love) -- PHYSICAL BODY & HORMONES
Eros is passion, lust, pleasure. It’s a passionate love displayed through physical affection. This love is a desire for another person’s physical body, an appreciation for one’s physical being or beauty.

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I could say that the whole Wings album sends me Eros and Mania vibes, but since I'm not focusing on the albums themselves, but rather on the existing songs, so with that being said, I hereby introduce what I consider to be the song that represents this type of love: "Just One Day" from the album SKOOL LUV AFFAIR.

With sentences such as: “I would like to sleep like a baby, drunk in your sweet scent" or:

“I like that, when you tie up your long, long straight hair,
your breathtaking neck and strands of hair flowing down
Wherever we go together, my handbag is your waist”

But the key part for me to consider this song as Éros is this part:

“I’d like to get submerged and swim, I’d like to know you more
I’m an adventurer who explores in depth a mysterious forest that is you
I admire a masterpiece that is you
because your existence is an art”

I don't know about you, but I doubt there's much to explain with the forest reference. It is purely passionate, sensual, and sexual. It persists in bodily desire, appreciation of beauty, and the combined effect of both aspects.

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Another song that is clearly Éros (well, in my opinion) is "War of Hormone" haha yes, the title says a lot. But don't just stick with it, it's not purely about Éros, there's more to it than that but I don't want to overextend myself by focusing on analyzing one song or I won't finish this anymore.

“Though you’re not mine, you’re the best
My body becomes all squirmish when I’m with you
Though I want to get close to you,
You’re too beautiful”

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Special mention to this part of "Blood Sweat & Tears":

“Kiss me on the lips lips a secret between only the two of us
I get deeply addicted to a prison called you
I can’t serve no one but you
I drank from the poisoned chalice, knowing it was poisoned”

2. LUDUS (playful affection, a flirtatious or exciting love.) – EMOTIONS
A playful and fun love that occurs especially at the early stages of a relationship, the beginning stages of intimate love. Of all the Greek words for love, this one more than others comes without any eros or philia attachment.

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To portray Ludus, I can't avoid talking about "Intro: Skool Luv Affair." It's basically a confession of love. It's simply how someone would describe what we would commonly call a "crush." Just read the lyrics please, it can't be just me that it sounds like the words out of the mouth of a person completely in love, but, innocent in a sense that they don't yet know how to fully manifest that love beyond words and desires.

Let's look at one part of Suga:

“An eating disorder, no matter what I eat, I’m always hungry for you
This cannot just be labeled with a word, addiction
A woman like you can’t be described, even a poetic license wouldn’t do a justice
This is all because of you
I’d like to put you in the very front of my life like a capital letter
A nice house, a nice car, although things like those cannot be happiness, I really want to give them to you”

Or a part of J-hope:

“Our future is bright and radiant, colorful
As long as I have you, I have everything like a millionaire
With you, the door of love opens now, go in”

The initial thoughts of almost passionate love are there, but it still takes much more than words and dates or a few kisses to make it work fully. That's why, in my opinion, it's totally Ludus. It's a rather delicate but gentle ideal of love; it's innocent and poetic in a way a blinded-by-love person would describe (without crossing the boundary limits.)

I do not include RM's part, because I feel it is more Mania kind of love than Ludus.

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But the song that deserves the medal for taking a Ludus prespective is “24/7=heaven.”

“The first date with you, I keep getting excited like a child
Everyday is a Sunday for me these days-Sunday when the sun called you is up
The first date with you, I keep getting excited like a child
Everyday is a Sunday for me these days-Sunday when the sun called you is up”

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Special mention of "Serendipity."

“Our happiness has been destined
Cuz you love me
And I love you”

3. MANIA (Unhealthy form of love, obsessive love.) – SURVIVAL
An inbalance of love caused by an imbalanced of Eros and Ludus; it is characterized by possessive behavior or unwanted jealousy. The desperation of a need, almost like a survival instinct, is the catalyst of this kind of love.

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A clear example of Mania can be found in the first album with the track “Like.”

“That guy who I haven’t seen before, abusing “like” to every single photo you post…
Who’s he?
Ah, right, I’m not your boyfriend anymore”

This short extract from the song is just a sample of what obsessive love is; throughout the song, the lyrics show desperation for someone else, jealousy, and a love that is no longer reciprocated.

“The tag in the photo of you and your new boyfriend
makes me backspace into the memories
In that world, everyone has already stopped
But why am I still clinging to that time”

It's like that first love, even if it's been years, it still leaves its mark on you in whatever shape. For me, it is not bad to remember your first love relationship or that relationship of years that has already concluded, what is important and essential is not to become obsessed with those memories. This kind of love that usually hurts, are memories that may - or may not - return to you to remind you of what once was and was not, but if those memories are still stuck in you, that is Mania: the desperation of wanting to get some love and to feel that you have to get it at any cost, even by torturing yourself mentally.

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The song "Coffee" gives me the same feeling, as this also deals with an old love, in particular a break-up, and how this song portrays the pain of having lost that connection in a poetic way by making reference to the taste of the drink Caramel Macchiato. Perhaps this one is not as much Mania as the first song, it's more of a painful memory, a coffee that although you want to drink again, you can't or shouldn't. There's a sort of obsessive mindset here, but I also see it more as something one would sense at breaking up with someone, an ongoing mourning process. The point is that this mourning should not be prolonged and should not turn into a type of Mania love.

“As time passed by, naturally, the two of us
checked each other’s feeling every day with words like lovers
Our first meeting that I engraved onto my heart
was sweet like a caramel macchiato”

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I quote now another coffee reference and a desire for love in the song “Outro: Luv in Skool.”

“Though I open my eyes after drinking coffee,
I feel like I’m going to fall asleep, oh no no
I used to picture it
If I ruled the world,
I’d have you next to me again”

You will be surprised how after listening to the first BTS albums, you will associate more often coffee - and even autumn leaves - with everyday life and emotions hahaha

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Special mention of “I Need U” :

“I need you girl
Why do I love alone and say goodbye alone
I need you girl
Why do I need you again, knowing that I’ll be hurt”

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And “Fake Love” that their lyrics can be analyzed from the standpoint of any kind of relationship.

“What do you mean by no, I’m blind for you
How is this love, It’s all fake love”

4. AGÁPE (brotherly love, selfless love, universal love) -- SPIRIT
An empathic attitude of love for everyone and anyone. it is the highest form of love given without any expectations of receiving anything in return.
Agápe is love for others that’s inclusive of love for God, nature, strangers, or the less fortunate. It’s generally an empathetic love toward humanity itself.

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I don't know if maybe it's just me, but when I think of selfless love, or love that shows that it just simply means to give us everything good without anything in return, I find this in the song

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"Paradise." I can't quite explain how, Agápe is a kind of spiritual love, an empathic love, and the lyrics of this song just give me that, encouragement, peace, and unconditional comfort.

“It’s okay to pause
There’s no need to run without knowing the reason
It’s okay not to have a dream
as long as there are your moments to briefly feel happiness
It’s okay to pause”

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Of course, it would be a sin not to include "Magic Shop" which I find similarly appealing:

“On a day you hate being yourself, on a day you want to disappear forever,
let’s build a door in your mind
Once you open the door and enter, this place will wait for you
It’s okay to believe Magic Shop that will comfort you”

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And last but not least, I don't think there is a more direct song aimed at humanism than "Trivia 承: Love" which screams Agápe out loud.

“I’m just a human, human, human
You erode all my edges
and make me a love, love, love
We are humans, humans, humans
Among those countlessly many straight lines,
my love, love, love
When we gently sit on it, it becomes a heart”

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"Louder than bombs" with its message of "speak yourself" amidst the fear and sadness that seems to consume us, is a song to encourage that there is a light in the midst of so much darkness.

“Now it has become too clear,
the unfamiliar shadow in those shouts and cheers
The word that perhaps will never be believed,
Let’s only see and hear good things”

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I will end Agápe, this universal and empathetic love, with "Respect." Why? Because the concept of respect is almost forgotten, in a society, which often does not even respect the rights and values of people other than themselves.

“Please don’t say “respect” so easily, yeah
because even I still don’t really know it well, yeah
because even I’m afraid of myself sometimes,
wondering if they see through the weak me”



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