Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks and dale cooper image quotes, algebra, and life image Image by Diyar Audrey Horne, david lynch, and Twin Peaks image
It's like a dream.

The Office

funny, the office, and britney image barbie, dwight, and lol image the office, quotes, and funny image Image by Private User
This show is such a mood. It helps me go through a lockdown.

Normal People

alone, bedroom, and emotions image girl and travel image normal people image normal people, paul mescal, and daisy edgar-jones image
TV series about soulmates, friendship, love, growing up, mistakes of youth.


dark, dark season 3, and dark netflix series image dark netflix, magnus nielsen, and franziska doppler image aesthetic, alone, and dark image dark, inspiration, and series image
At the end everything makes sense. TV series about time, destiny, mistery, soulmates.

Big Little Lies

celebrities, Nicole Kidman, and actors & actress image actress, zoe kravitz, and big little lies image big little lies image drama, series, and Shailene Woodley image
I mean, look at the cast - Kidman, Witherspoon, Woodley, Streep, Kravitz, Dern, Skarsgård, Scott. TV series about woman power and friendship.

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