Hello Hearters!

After binge-watching a show about writers, and deciding to get off social media, I have been lead back to this lovely app that never leaves my phone. And I want to write articles.

And as a true Gen Z off social media since a few weeks, I am discovering that my mind has created a habit of posting stories and constantly showing what I'm doing.

I literally can't look at the sun without wanting to take a picture of it... Sad or funny habit? I haven't figured it out just yet.

Something I HAVE figured out, is that I have much more time to explore life as a whole, and do the little things that made me happy when I was a kid until I was about 16. And these things include reading, writing, painting, having stretch out sessions as much as possible during the day etc...

So I have decided to post weekly updates of my NO SOCIAL MEDIA LIFE. And the evolution of my being, and mind throughout this journey.

It will be a healthy , and practical way for me to soothe my urge of posting stories and pictures. And who knows, maybe this series will catch the eye of a few people that have the desire to upgrade themselves and bestify their beigns.