the title says it all i hope you enjoy :)

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always forever - cults
slow down - chase atlantic
hug & kiss - dress
violent - carolesdaughter
arms tonite - mother mother

black and white, fire, and dark image uploaded:by=flickr_mobile image
show me your face behind your mask

daddy issues - the neighbourhood
mr loverman - ricky montgomery
4ever - clairo
acting award - no:el
we fell in love in october - girl in red

anime, noragami, and header. edit image alternative, black, and cyber image
are you gonna be around for me to count on?

ilysb - kim woo sung
the remedy for a broken heart - xxxtentacion
noizy - sik-k
line without a hook - ricky montgomery
your man - joji

bts, min yoongi, and suga image alternative, indie, and égirl image
all my emotions feel like explosions when you are around and i've found a way to kill the sound

creep - kim hyung woo
void - the neighbourhood
bad religion - frank ocean
choke - idkhow
so beautiful - dpr ian
i want to be with you - chloe moriondo

fairy image aesthetic, dark, and night image
you know that you're the one, i want to be with you

floral & fading - pierce the veil
swim - chase atlantic
red - pale waves
let them in - pvris
shoot me - day6

red image red, art, and dance image
i always take hearts that shouldn't be mine