Hey everyone!
I kinda like answering random questions, and saw this article so I decided to answer by myself too. :)

1. Would you ever be in a relationship with someone of the same gender as you?


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2. Would you die for someone you love?

I think so, but it would certainly have to be a person who meant a lot to me.

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3. Do you consider yourself a bad person?

No, but they will always be people who think you are bad. So bye hater.

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4. What do you think of yourself and do you love yourself?

I think I am a cheerful person who is enthusiastic and has a smile in life. I myself am extremely positive and I am always there for the people I love. I used to be bullied and hated myself but now I love myself. I am proud of who I am and what has become of me.

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5. Have you ever gotten drunk?

Yes, when I went out to a party.

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6. What's a bad habit of yours?

Overthinking, definitely.

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7. Do you believe in forgiving and forgetting?

Pff this is a tough one.yes and no. Yes because I'm not perfect myself. No when the person makes the same mistake over and over again, it is a choice they make to hurt you.

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8. Would you ever do drugs?

Never in my life.

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9. Would you ever be in a relationship with someone 10+ years older than you?

No, I would not feel good about that.

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10. Would you have children?

I hope so.

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11. What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

I can't find anything right now.

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12. Would you ever cuss out your parents?


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13. Are you a "republican" or "democrat"?

I'm not interested in politics at all.

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14. Money or fame?


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15. Have you ever stolen anything?

Yes, when I was little a bag of candy in an amusement park.

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16. Do you believe in revenge?

No, when I was younger I did but now the best revenge is to not care about that person anymore and make yourself happy.

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17. How sarcastic are you on a scale of 1-10?

That varies from day to day, I give myself a 5

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18. Dark or light colors?


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19. What color is the shirt you're wearing right now?


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20. What's your dream car?

A range rover, i can not choos between red or black as color for the car.

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21. Are you a romantic?

Yes, but sometimes I feel uncomfortable with that.

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22. Do you need affection?


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23. If you were to have a partner, rate the following from most important to least important: money, intelligence, looks, loyalty, humor, kindness

Kindness, Loyalty, Humor, Intelligence, Looks, Money

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24. Do you believe in second chances?

Yes, I'm not perfect either.

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25. Who understands you the most?

Now in these difficult times, I think my mother understands me best.

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26. What is your favorite room in your house and why?

My bedroom, it's so cozy. There are lots of pillows and my bed is big enough for 2 to sleep.

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27. Do you believe in soulmates?


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28. Who was the last person you held hands with?

My boyfriend.

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29. Go-to pick up line?

No, I find that so wrong.

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30. Day time or night time?

Night time.

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31. If you had a sibling, would you rather they be older or younger? and what gender?

I would rather be the oldest, like to have a younger brother. I am an only child so yes I would love to have another brother.

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32. What's the story behind your WeHeartIt username?

I wanted to have a fun name to post about my idols.

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33. What was the saddest news you heard?

That an aunt died of cancer.

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34. Do you believe in magic?


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35. Choose a lyric from the last song you heard.

I don't belong, and my beloved, neither do you
(Taylor Swift - The Lakes)

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36. Have you ever confessed to a crush?

Yes, but the boy refused me.

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37. What did you wanna be when you were little?

A preschool teacher.

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38. If you were to create a brand, what would it be called?

Wear it or leave it.

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39. Do you like your given name?

Yes, you still often hear my name in series.

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40. What are your favorite girl names?

Milana, Olivia

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41. What are your favorite boy names?

Oliver, Jake

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42. What's the chore you enjoy doing the most?

I love to cook.

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43 If you could paint a picture of any scenery you've seen before, what would you paint

I can't decide between the eiffel tower or the view of Switzerland.

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44. What's your favorite sound?


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45. What is in your fridge right now?

A lot of food, but most of it is yogurt

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46. Which habit are you proudest of breaking?

Too little exercise.

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47. What's your favorite item of clothes?

A jumpsuit or a blouse.

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48. Last concert you went to?

Little Mix

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49. Do you prefer living by the beach or on the mountains?

Living by the beach.

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50. What's the first thing you do when you get home from a trip?

Take a shower

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