Let go of what you can’t change
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❝ I have a crush on my cousin sister’s boyfriend. They’ve been dating for 3 years and will probably definitely get married. Am I really as terrible of a human as I think I am? Oh god, I think I’m the female version of a playboy because this has happened to me before. Crushing on guys who are TAKEN.

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Dear anonymous: You are not a bad person! We do not choose who we fall in love with, love is unpredictable and difficult and we cannot control who we feel things towards, you are not a bad person for falling in love with someone, but for hurting that person or interfering in their current relationship. I think that something you should be proud of is how you have not tried to intrude but that despite suffering you have decided to step aside and that shows how good you are and not everyone can say that they would do that in your case.
Love is found in the most unexpected places so who says that it is not tomorrow when you find someone who makes you feel the same as him? I think that even though it is complicated now, you are doing well and I am sure that will be compensated when you find a new crush and can meet him without dating anyone. I hope so and I hope you do all great!
Dear anon, I do not think you are a terrible person, not bad, nothing actually. A crush is something so innocent actually, it's more what you actually do- Look, I do not support people getting into relationships that are not abusive because look, if the guy was in a relationship in which he can be abused in anyway i would understand a bit... but girl, or guy, or nonbinary pal idk, as far as I understand your cousin sister and the peep are in love and I'll personally come for you if you try to interfer. I'm sorry to tell you but please please don't make a move, im sure there are other amazing people out there that will make you go woo, and probably people that are even better and not taken :c I'm sorry that you are going through all this and I'm sure it's probably a big mess but I think the right thing to do is to move on.

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