🌸Do not try to "read" other people's minds, and do not think that they can "read" you. Communicate if it matters to you.

🌸Do not expect that you will be able to make friends with everyone. We are different and we like different things. Waste your time with a few good friends instead. This is exactly what you need to feel happy and satisfied.

🌸Plan your budget and live within your means. Only use your credit card for emergencies.

🌸 Throw the monster called envy out of your life and compare yourself only to yourself.

🌸Choose the mess, get rid of unnecessary things. It will make you calmer and save you time.

🌸 Stay away from other people's meaningless dramas (unless the situation is critical and you have to help)

🌸Finish what you started, and only then start doing something else.

🌸Be respectful with every person you meet - maintain a position of patience and kindness.

🌸Accept the fact that there are things that you cannot change and control. Focus on what you can really do.

🌸Don't be too proud to apologize. Admit that you were wrong, ask for forgiveness and move on.