I have been trying to write an article on mental health for a few days now... Then I finally decided to talk about what mindset will change your life completely.

say what you think
Better saying it out loud than overthinking it later.

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never let anyone belittle you
No person should dare to yell at you.

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if having confidence is difficult for you, imagine that you are a completely different person and start showing up as them

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don't feel ashamed of what you like
Having a different taste is a uniqueness. We are all drawn to different things.

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spend more time alone and ENJOY it
This is very difficult, I know. But it is crucial for your mental health.

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properly take a break
Only when you detach yourself completely from the previous task will you efficiently rest. Do it by letting yourself be free from any stress.

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don't get emotional over everything
Bad things happen. You can't fight them if you are unwell, take care of yourself first.

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fake it til you make it
You can literally be anyone so play out with this mindset and see how everything changes.

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- start listening to your gut
- detach yourself from people that give out bad vibe
- self care
- manifestation
- meditation
- crystals
- spirituality
- don't take it too seriously
- find out what your goals are
- let yourself be not okay
- get help

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