Articles can make or break your online business. Most top marketers write articles (or have written for them on such online writing services as on a regular basis to constantly attract a steady stream of fresh, new prospects. Articles represent content and as such, are a way to “presell” any product, service or business.
Everyone online should be using articles to build their businesses and grow their incomes. But there’s one huge stumbling block that stands in the way and that is — How can make profitable article writing and fun and productive exercise?
Method #1: Make a List
If you can write a grocery list, you can use this simple technique to create a helpful and informative article in minutes. Just take the topic you’re writing about and provide a method and sequence.
For example, if your article was about writing articles, you would simply list the steps involved. Use numbers or bullet points to separate each step in the system.
1. Create a list of keywords.
2. Use Title Templates to turn those keywords into titles.
3. List 3 important details you want to share about the subject.
4. Write it up in sentences and paragraphs.
5. Add an introduction and possibly a conclusion as well.
6. Attach your resource box to the article.
To flesh out an article, write a sentence or two about each point. What words do you associate to each key point or supporting idea? Write down the first 3 significant terms that come to mind. Then use these associated words to build your content. Do this for each of your main points and you’ve written your article.

Method #2: Share a Personal Experience
This method is very effective because you’re telling it like nobody else can. It’s your personal experience and perspective that makes your article unique.
Deliver the information you uncovered by actually going through the experience . Start at the beginning and cover each of the important elements. Tell your story and you’ve got content that is certain to be 100% original.
Method #3: Teach a Mini-Lesson
Imagine that you’re at the front of the room and your teaching a bunch of adults enrolled in a continuing education program or you can always use platform. The subject of your class is the subject of your article.
How can you teach someone else what you know in a way that they’re sure to understand? Think back to the best teacher you ever had and recall what made him or her a personal favorite in your view. Then simply pretend that YOU are this special teacher.
But remember, you’ve only got a few short minutes to convey your information on the topic. So you need an overview to follow. Then knock off one point at a time and illustrate it in a way that makes sense. There you have it – 3 simple ways to write articles easily.