Forget everything you’ve been planning to look fabulous this Valentine’s Day! And who said that you have to put on shiny pink and red gowns or attires that don’t allow you to respire throughout the special evening just so that you can become a woman worth looking at twice in on ‘The Day of Love’?! I mean since it is about fondness, so you should primarily and honestly be adoring yourself, your figure, and your decision before any other person be it a close friend, neighbour, or anyone who tells you it is not good enough. This is why I chose to gather a prompt few interesting ideas that will make it easy for your mind, and possibly inspire you to caress your true self and facilitate you to be comfortable in your colour and style all the while still carrying the fact that you strived for that.
Individually I’m most concerned about convenience and good fitting when it comes to the outfit decisions I take and mixing clothes up with some eye-catching stroke here and there. Presently I’m captivated with potential-looks that strengthen you and give you that extra positivity (even if you have somebody to enjoy the day with or not). And at the end of the solar day, you have to appreciate your own company is I, right ladies! That is where this boss-woman checks in. Easy, adventurous, cozy (with a bit of space to expand if you want to have more than you believed you would), and hell mighty with don’t-fight-with-me kind of vibes. All it genuinely takes is a primary solid pair of trousers (mine have a stretchable waist lol) with a warm and comfortable jumper(sweater) over which you wear a jumbo size blazer (mine is literally from the men’s division because those basically have even more strong shoulders). If you have a desire to add that extra touch of dominating element you can even belt the blaze as I have. See how despite the reality that I’m basically carrying a clip of white roses on me, even then I look like deep down I don’t actually care about Valentine’s Day (and although I do, you’ll never actually know!)
Actually, I really like to keep my cosmetics very basic on most of the days, on certain days it is an important medium to express oneself and what better day to chose than Saint Valentine’s Day to go at odds with the tide of a sea of the rosy face and red edge of the mouth everywhere around you. Enter a joy, bright green eyeliner and a wholly subtle, naked face. Impeccable eye makeup always cheers up my spirits and this energizes it up even more!

Ignore the pink lips and follow something more unpredicted – you’ll be astonished by how much more joy and aware-to-state of the art-things you’ll feel after that.

Going back to cosiness, I am also fond of mixing things up with a touch of traditional Indian dressing. Nobody said you HAVE to put on short or highly tight dresses to be ready for Valentine’s Day. Heck if the winters are not allowing me to budge I’d still love to feel my unending limits at the end of the day. And thus I wear a pretty “angarakha” style maxi outfit with denim jeans under it since it looks very cool (this is basically my first time that I’m putting on jeans under a maxi dress. I have no idea why I haven’t tried this as yet!). And I’m magnificently comfortable and warm, so my mind can take decisions at full capacity when I’m having a discussion.

That’s all for today! I do hope you learned a lot by reading my tips and that I have managed to inspire you to wear a new or different fashionable apparel this V Day – and not just to be distinct in the crowd, but also to feel homely in conveying yourself.