I looked at him slowly but surely. He looks handsome, his eyes sparkled in the dark stary night. His body searching for mine and finally found it. I let his hands get lost on my body. He made his way to my face. He held my face in his hands. I looked down at his chest he searched for my eyes. I was nervous and scared. "It's Okay" he assured me while he pulled my body to his. Our bodies fit like puzzle pieces connecting. I felt the warmth of his body made me forget about the lake we were in. "Close your eyes," he said spinning me slowly now my back towards him. I felt my back hit his chest he dropped his hands to my stomach. I closed my eyes. "Do you hear that?" he said after a few seconds I heard the birds chirping in the distance, tree moving in the distance. The sound wasn't much but it was beautiful to hear. "I love the calm, untroubled, and restful noise." We got out of the lake dried ourselves off. I grabbed a towel to cover my bra and underwear. I looked at his exposed body. He had a few tattoos. One on his arm, one on his collar bone, and one on his neck. His back was muscular and big I lowered my eyes and loved what I was seeing. He turned around and saw me looking I looked to the ground and blushed. We headed to the Cabin damped. "Did you like the cool water?" he said while walking into the woods to the cabin. "Loved it thank you for taking me here," I said smiling at him. 


I walked to her in the water. Searching for her beautiful touch. I touch her soft warm body. I held her face looking at those beautiful brown eyes. " It's okay," I said when she looked at my chest. I pulled her close to my chest feeling the warmth of her. "close your eyes" I said spinning her around while her eyes were closed. I held her stomach while she heard my favorite sound "I love the calm, untroubled, and restful noise." We stood there while I was still holding her. A few minutes later we dried off and went to the cabin I bought a while back. 


We got to the cabin and it was so beautiful and modern. There were fairy lights outside the cabin and LED light in the kitchen and the rooms. "This is so pretty when did you buy this cabin?" I said looking up at the high ceiling with fairy lights. "I bought this a year ago It was my great-great grandpa's this cabin was abandoned and I found a letter from my grandpa's room after he passed away." He said looking around the cabin. " what did the letter say?" I said very curiously. " There was a letter saying stuff about the cabin and that this cabin he built for my great-great-grandma and that he didn't want it to go to wast. so he gave me 2 million dollars to rebuild and fix the cabin and I did. Everything was falling apart and the walls were covered with graffiti." He said moving his hand to the walls. " That is so amazing that you did all this for you and your grandpa."  I said in awe "how many bedrooms are there?" I said " there are two master bedrooms with master closets and bathrooms,  A bar in the basement, A full-size kitchen and laundry room, A family room and a living room, and A nice cubicle shower outback when you just get out of the lake and clean yourself before showering or you can just shower in there," he said showing me the cabin. " Wow... This is beautiful Like I can't express the way I'm feeling right now." I said grabbing my face. A few minutes later we got our towels and headed outback to rinse ourselves off before going into the shower. There was this big glass cubicle with three big shower heads one Up and the other two were pointing at your sides. I went into the cubicle and looked around. " umm Joseph The glass is see-through?" I said covering my naked body. " there's a button by the nobs click it" I clicked the button and the glass turned blurry I was shocked. " there you go" he said, " are you sure you can't see me what face am I making?" I said making a silly face. " I don't know I can't SEE," he said I turned on the water and set it to warm. " are you still out there Joseph?" I said scared to be by myself alone outside " Yes I also have to wash myself too ya know," he said laughing. The water got to the temperature I wanted, I took off my bra and underwear and put them by the door. "Joseph?" I said hesitating to touch the water. "Yeah?" he said " you can come in if you want," I said facing the door. The door opened and he came into the cubicle. He took off his boxers and came to me. I walked back into the water that was falling off on top of the cubicle like rain. I tilt my head in the water closing my eyes I felt his hand touch my lower sides. I looked at him as he watched the water fall down my body. He put his body close to mine feeling my wet body and his dry body now wet. I looked at his dark green eyes while the water flowed down my eyelashes and nose. He kissed my neck slowly making my stomach turn in different kinds of emotions. His touch made my skin hot, my stomach flutter with excitement, my body aching for more of his soft gentle touch. I let his hands venture on my body. He moved up to my stomach and paused at my breast holding them in his hands. I wanted more from him. and then... HiS ToUcH