"I like someone it's just puppy love," I thought to myself. It won't mean anything later, it won't even last a month. (6 months past). I fell in love he made me happy, he made the butterflies in my stomach grow in size. I love the way he held me in his arms. " I love you to the moon and back forever and ever as long as we live we will be together," he said while holding me. We spent our time together without our friends. Later on, we lost our friends but didn't care because we were in love, planning the future together. At first, he was just a little thought in my head and now he's my everything my thoughts, my world, and my life. He knew me better than I knew the back of my hand. we took an hour naps in your room waking up smiling and kissing. You scratched my back, my thighs, my head I felt safe at that moment I didn't want to leave that room. We talked for hours laughed, cried, and yelled. You made my body ask for more of you more of wanting to explore every detail of your body. Our bodied went together like puzzle pieces I was always the little spoon and you were the big spoon. You comforted me when I was on my period buying me teddy bears, chocolates, and coffee. You cried to me when you had family problems I held you to my chest letting the rhythm of my heart keep you safe and calm. We snuck out to the park and looked at the dark sky we loved the adrenaline when we roamed the streets, but it was us together while the world slept peacefully. We held hands and swinging our arms back and forth you would get mad at me when I relaxed my hand while you still were holding mine I would smile and squeeze tight to your hand. We kept secrets and that no one knows to this day. We had a couples checklist we finished it in 3 months marking everything off with our signature and two hearts over our names. I held you while you laid between my legs missing the comfort your mother didn't give you, you would put your hand between my breasts feeling my heartbeat beat faster while you put the other hand on my cheek and kissing me so slow and deep. You made me sad once You lied to me telling me that you were at your friend's house but you weren't I asked to go but you said it's just boys. I saw your snap and you were at a party I confronted you the next day you said that you were sorry but I didn't forget that moment when you lied to my face telling me something else. It started raining I yelled at you and left your house walking in the rain you ran after me grabbing my arm and spinning me around "I am sorry it won't happen again I won't lie to you never again I am sorry" you said crying and holding my arms. I forgave you that night we went back to your house soaked. we went to the bathroom, undressed, and took a hot shower. We held each other kissing, at that moment I forgot everything. The lie, the cold rain, the world. We got out half an hour later drying off and going to your room. I grab your shirt that was in your closet I put it on letting it fall to my thighs I went to the mirror fixing my hair you changed into boxers you went to me and held me while we looked in the mirror for a few minutes. We got in your bed I was on top of you while you were admiring my face, you put your hand under the shirt feeling my naked body, you took the shirt off I wasn't insecure anymore you made my body bold and fearless you took your boxers off. I was still on top of you, you put your hand on my upper back pulling me to you. Our chests touched the warmth of our bodies together the beat of our hearts the bare skin touching together made me feel like I was in space like I was dreaming more than a dream I felt that I wasn't even alive that I was in this fantasy. We kissed so passionately our bodies yearned for more and more. That night was magical that night made me tired and deeply in love with the person that I once said it was puppy love.