1. Rebel movie Star

Image by # 🦋 Image by LaFrieda vintage, music, and elvis image Image by Vert Chat academia, aesthetic, and black image Playboy, aesthetic, and magazine image johnny depp, liv tyler, and 90s image car, vintage, and retro image
50s, 70s, and holiday image

2. Bossy Hot Pink

pink, aesthetic, and shoes image Image by Private User gangsta, baddies, and ganggang image lips, pink, and lollipop image Image by Private User pink and drink image aesthetic, baby, and LV image pink, aesthetic, and bathroom image
pink, aesthetic, and neon image

3. Soft Classy Rich

aesthetic, boys, and colors image aesthetic, crystal, and cup image pink, perfume, and girly image beautiful, fashion, and shoes image Image by Private User pink, aesthetic, and silk image
fashion, luxe, and pale image

4. Bloody Lesbian Sex

black, goth, and grunge image lips, red, and make up image blood image beautiful, model, and 80s image Image by peculiarme miley cyrus, prisoner, and dua lipa image Image by Private User Image by dukakaros blood, girl, and soft gore image Image by Private User edgy, goth, and grunge image art and home image girl image miley cyrus, prisoner, and dua lipa image
miley cyrus and prisoner image

5. 90's love story

aesthetic, neon, and soft image alternative, girl, and aesthetic image aesthetic, hearts, and alternative image aesthetic, grunge, and vintage image analog, indie, and plaque image aesthetic, nokia, and butterfly image girls image Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚ birthday and cake image people image 1999, 90s, and heath ledger image aesthetic, vintage, and wallpaper image
nature and vintage image