hello! i did another one but now from golden trio era! hope you like this one and have a good day, ily!

name : avior may shafiq
birthday : may 01
zodiac : taurus sun, leo moon and scorpio rising
status : pureblood
nationality : british
nicknames : avi


hufflepuff, harry potter, and hogwarts image harry potter, hufflepuff, and hogwarts image
hufflepuff; loyal, kind and patience


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she has long black hair, pale skin and blue eyes, her body is covered by little tattos


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her clothes are mostly dark and pants but she also likes to wear some skirts. She hates pink and pastel colours.


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her friends are pansy parkinson, blaise zabini, draco malfoy and astoria greengrass. she always hated crabbe and goyle and never accept the fact that they are with them.

love interest

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shes in love with pansy after she told her she is in love with draco in year 3 she cried a lot. but three years later they started dating.


kind, kindness, and others image bicurious, lgbti, and bisexual dating image pink, dramatic, and text image quotes and poetry image
shes very kind person, but little bit dramatic - but she still made fun of draco because how dramatic he was in year 3. Also she is pretty confident and independent and its not afraid about talking about her feelings and kiss pansy in school corridor. also shes VERY sarcastic - some people are saying she is slytherin.


harry potter, hogwarts, and wand image harry potter, slytherin, and aesthetic image
her wand is 9ยพโ€ and is made of willow with a unicorn tail core. It's excellent for use in lunar magic, love spells, and healing.


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her father


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her name is lizzi

favorite classes

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she was between the few chosen one who Snape didnt hate

favorite teachers

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favorite spells

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favorite creatures

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her patronous is cat :)

after hogwarts

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she became a death eater with draco. Bellatrix started liking her from the start. Since her parents were so disappointed in her Bellatrix was teaching her all stuffs. She was the daughter she never had. Even Voldemort liked her. Also she broke up with Pansy and started dating one of the young death eaters. In battle of hogwarts Remus killed her right in front of Bella and she send Dolohov to kill him - that how Remus died. Pansy was crying and holding her hand, when the boy she started dating came Pansy screamed at him and killed him. Even she doesnt know he actually likes Avior.