Lana, 23 years
Played By: Laura Gwyneth Butler

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Meaning Name : My child, stone, harmony, beautiful, shiny, floating, light or world.


She was a guardian fairy, but the main rule of the Fairy Kingdom was that everything should be eternally pure. But Lana ended up pregnant with an Elf, mixing the species of magical creatures that is extremely prohibited in the Fairy Kingdom. As a punishment, the other guardians tried to drown her, but Lana ended up surviving because she discovered yet another power. The gift of controlling the waters.

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Can understand animals and can heal them.

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Make picnics at dusk, build birdhouses, dance,create home remedies, write stories and songs for your daughter, swim in the river ...


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Enchanted Grove,in the Gardenia forest.


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Being a single mother and needing to survive in the real world, she works as a chambermaid in castles in the region. For your fairy knowledge and powers it has a small pharmacy where it sells medicinal plants and helps people with a kind of veterinarian. Humans cannot know that she is a fairy.



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She controls the water


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Most of the time, their wings are like that.When she is very concentrated and using her powers, her wings release sparks of power.


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In Fairy Kingdom

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Makeup Fairy

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In Real World

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Current / Contemporary

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Hybrid child, half fairy and half elf.Their powers involve controlling the air and emotions.